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    Lodestone Consulting Services Offers 3 Simple Onsite SEO Tricks to Raise Ranking In Google

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    Here are three simple things a business owner can do to improve their company’s rankings on Google. All it requires is working with their webmaster to update simple things on the company website. At the very end, we throw in a bonus tip.

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    Most small business owners are running the entire show. They may have outsourced the building of their website and hoped that it was optimized for search engines. But what does it really mean to be optimized?

    When potential customers are researching, they will type in queries about the item. For example, they may type in "steel roof vs. tar shingle roof." But when they're ready to purchase, they will type in keywords like "best steel roofing company in San Jose" or "cost of steel roof." Those are the keywords a company would want to optimize their website for if they were a steel roofing company in the Silicon Valley.

    Tip one is that once the site is up and optimized for that buying keyword phrase, make sure that all of the pages are indexed. This is simply done by bringing up a search engine page in the web browser and typing in "site:" and the domain name. Our example here is for the indexed pages of Lodestone Consulting Services. If nothing comes up, try the name with or without the leading "www."

    The second tip is to verify that there is unique content on the site, and that the owner of the domain is attributed to being the authority on that content. Google gives higher weight to the website that they think is the original author of content. If another company is getting credit for it, then they will get the traffic.

    To test this, someone would copy a few sentences off of the webpage and paste it into a Google search page on their web browser. It is important to put quote marks around the snippet. If the domain is the first result, then they are considered the owner of that text.

    The third tip is to optimize on the website by adding in three to seven onsite links. This directs people to other pages on the website increasing their time on site. Google considers time on site and bounce rate an important indicator as to the quality of a website. So, the longer someone is on a website, the better. Provide onsite links by referring people to specific articles or pages that they may find useful. If a company is selling repair services, they may wish to create a page explaining in detail what the repair entails, a page explaining service charges, and pages specific for units that are repaired.

    Our bonus tip today is to set up Google authorship. Even though Google said that they were no longer going to use it, it's an easy way to show ownership of the content. And it could show up again in the future.

    To learn more about cleaning up a website for better search rank results, please contact Lara Fabans at Lodestone Consulting Services 1-888-323-0134 or email [email protected] Lodestone Consulting Services has been located in Silicon Valley, California since 2007.

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