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    Acne Medicine May Cause Malformation of Wisdom Teeth

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    Dr. K. Pat Brown asserts that there is an unknown side effect of Isotretinoin that damages the third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth.

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    According to evidence from Dr. K. Pat Brown, a dentist in Temecula, California, an unknown side effect of isotretinoin is malformation of the third molars, or wisdom teeth.

    Isotretinoin is the main drug used to treat severe acne under the brand names of Accutane, Claravis and Myorisan. The drug decreases production of facial oils that can lead to acne.

    In a study where mice are given Isotretinoin, evidence has shown that the drug affects tooth development, Dr. Brown said. Many teenagers take acne medication to help treat severe acne that may lead to facial scarring. The wisdom teeth also begin to develop around the same time that teenagers seek treatment for their acne.

    Developing wisdom teeth are at risk for hypoplasia and dichroma, which results in very thin enamel and severe discoloration. The teeth may experience hypersensitivity, increased attrition and have a much higher risk of decay.

    Most of the time, there is little concern about damaging wisdom teeth as they are frequently removed. The process is simple, and many dentists are well versed in the procedure.

    The only time to worry about the effects of Isotretinoin on wisdom teeth is if a patient needs the wisdom tooth to substitute for another molar. Sometimes, molar substitution is needed when the second molar has become damaged or unhealthy. The dentist will extract the second molar so that the third molar has room to grow and take the place of the second molar, Dr. Brown said.

    If the third molar has been affected by Isotretinoin, it will not be healthy enough to replace the second molar and molar substitution will no longer be an option, he added. Dr. Brown urged people to share this information with their dentists, dermatologists and orthodontists. People should share this information and verify that they will not need molar substitution before beginning an acne medication regime.

    To learn more, visit: http://dental-temecula.com/dental-murrieta.html

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