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    Biotrust IC-5 12 Week Challenge Results and Reviews by Pure-Health.org

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    This purpose of this press release is to inform readers that new user reviews taken from the “Biotrust 12 week Body Transformation Challenge” including users of Biotrust IC-5 (a supplement that also helps fix blood sugar levels), plus a completely new review has been uploaded on the website www.Pure-Health.org by site owner Dana Jackson.

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    Diabetics and others who suffer from low blood sugar can have a harder time than others when it comes to losing weight. Biotrust IC-5 is a product that helps people manage their blood sugar levels better, so that they won’t feel weak, or experience sudden drops in their glucose levels, due to a reduction in calories. New re-written and updated reviews for this product are now available at www.Pure-Health.org. The site’s owner, Dana Jackson, updated the IC-5 section of her website, to reflect the latest information released from Biotrust, regarding their IC-5 product, as it relates to people with “undiagnosed” blood sugar issues, when they are trying to lose weight. Among the information given on the all natural IC 5 supplement, are results including “before and after” images, sent in from users who entered the “12 Week Body Transformation Challenge”, along with additional written information, as well as some of the clearest videos on the real issues with blood sugar, ever created. Those interested are encouraged to browse through this updated information at their leisure, in order to learn more about Biotrust IC-5, and the many benefits it offers, especially for those struggling with diabetes, or those who have a diet high in carbohydrates, as most of the population does in fact have. In the last year, Biotrust have built relationships with thousands of satisfied customers, who have relied on their products to help them lose weight, and get in better shape, not only with weight loss, but also by becoming more healthy on the inside. Because of products such as IC-5, the company has become a respected leader in this sector of the industry, and has now become a name people are turning to, for advice, information, and supplements too, to help them achieve not only weight loss, but also achieve a healthier body from the inside out. To find out more about this ground breaking supplement, or to find out more about Biotrust Nutrition in general, go to www.Pure-Health.org.

    About the Company: Pure-Health.org is a leading supplier of weight loss and general health tips and advice, they back this up with in-depth supplement reviews and background homework, the goal is to provide people with the safest and most effective weight loss information, and supplement advise available today. The site’s owner, Dana Jackson, has gone to great lengths to ensure that her website visitors have the most accurate and up to date information available. This information though, is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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    "Let us show you how to SUPERCHARGE your insulin sensitivity before each carbohydrate-containing meal simply with 5 unique, research-backed ingredients…resulting in your body turning carbs into muscle and not fat!"
    - Joel Marion Biotrust.com
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