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    Christians Refugees Suffering from ISIS Insurgency Need Urgent Help

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    Kingdom Warriors has teamed up with Heaven’s Family to raise awareness and provide support for fellow Christians suffering from the violence of the militant Islam group ISIS.

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    Thousands and thousands of Christians are being forced from their homes in Iraq and are fleeing due to the insurgency of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). ISIS is giving Christians, living in the territories they are conquering, three choices: convert to a Sunni Muslim, pay a ten thousand dollar tax, or be killed. ISIS militants are slaughtering, burying alive, executing, and severing the heads of Christian men, women, and children who live in the villages they are taking control of. Fearing for their lives three hundred thousand Christians have already fled seeking refugee and safe asylums in the surrounding cities. Kingdom Warriors has teamed up with Heaven's Family to provide housing and basic necessities for the refugees in need.

    Heaven's Family has created the Christian Refugee Fund and will use gifts through this for Iraqi refugee relief. Founded in 2002, by David Servant and his family, Heaven's family   have dedicated their lives to meet many specific pressing needs of people suffering across the globe. The Christian non-profit organization has many relief initiatives aimed at helping those less fortunate and suffering globally. Teaming up with Kingdom Warriors they hope to raise enough awareness and gifts to supply the shelters and ministries housing the refugees with adequate supplies.

    Kingdom Warriors is headed by Emmanuel who ministers the word of God mainly through online broadcasts and media. Seeing as the church of Jesus Christ is global he travels to wherever in the world the Holy Spirit opens doors and leads him to minister the gospel. Another Christian organization The Voice of the Martyrs, Emmanuel’s recommendation for Canadian donations, is also dedicated to helping  those in need globally. For a great explanation about the organizations and to learn more about the crisis happening in Iraq Emmanuel has made an informative video for the cause.

    It can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRHuYTP9iTI

    The problems and issues faced by Christians in Iraq is still continuing. ISIS has already conquered Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, and is making advances on Kurdish territory in northern Iraq. There power continues to grow and have financial power to access militant supplies to continue their genocide in other cities. With no end in sight it is important for fellow Christians to continue to give and pray for these refugees who need support and supplies.

    Please consider donating to the Christian Refugee Fund created by Heaven's Family before the end of August to benefit the refugees trying to cope in Iraq.

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