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    Cobble Creek Dental Facility Launches a New Website

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    Cobble Creek Dental has announced an upcoming launch of its new website that provides visitors with a better experience, detailed information, and a host of other relevant functions.

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    Ogden, Utah: September 19, 2014 – The team at Cobble Creek Dental, a dental facility based in Ogden, Utah, has revealed that it will be launching a new look for their website. The new website will provide visitors with a more efficient way to access information about the dental facility, its services, appointments, and an array of other relevant functions. The website also presents users with a more attractive user interface as a way to improve their viewing experience.

    “We have created a totally new website that makes it easier for potential patients to access information,” says Shelli Myers, Cobble Creek Dental Office Manager. “The best way to enable new visitors, our patients, and their families to benefit more from our website is by having a fully functional online platform where information is presented in a well-organized manner.”

    Testimonials from patients are presented in a more legible manner on the new website to enable potential patients who would like to visit the Cobble Creek Dental facility for the first time to make more informed decisions based on previous patient reviews coupled with clear and concise information.

    Clear and Detailed Content

    Many individuals would like to get their information concerning different dental services prior to their visit. These individuals would like to improve their smiles by having dental implants, dentures and partials, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, sedation dentistry, and several other dental services. However, most hospitals and dental facilities that offer these services do not provide adequate information on their websites to enable patients to make informed decisions. Cobble Creek Dental’s new website addresses these issues by ensuring that all essential information that might be useful to patients is readily available. This combines information about all the available services, the technology used, the installed equipment, and the team in charge of the facility.

    “Even though our new website is more elegant and user friendly, it does not end there; we are making it possible for our website visitors to get every detail of our services on the website so that when they come to visit us, they have a clear idea of what we offer,” says Dr. Mark Harris. “We apply our expertise to carry out diagnosis’ and recommend services to our clients, but we want them to make informed decisions in the comfort of their homes, knowing exactly what to expect from Cobble Creek Dental.” The team believes that dental needs are crucial matters that need to be handled competently. This is because dental matters are directly related to one’s enjoyment of life, self-esteem, and relationships.

    Ease of Navigation, Responsiveness, and Compatibility

    The web design team has applied best practices to create a website that is easy to navigate with the aim of making it easier for users to move from one page to another in a systematic way as they read the content or search for information. Moreover, the website has been made lighter, meaning it can load faster even in relatively low internet connection speeds. The website also delivers a responsive user interface that provides users with proper viewing experiences regardless of the devices used. This is in response to the reality that many people are using mobile phones to search for information, shop, and seek for services online. With the responsive design technology, users are able to view website information without the stress of having to change the orientation, unnecessarily scroll horizontally to view all information on a page, or continuously zoom in web pages to clearly view content.

    The design team has developed the website such that visitors can comfortably view the website on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and a host of other web browsers.

    “We want to give our website visitors a positive experience during their time on our virtual home,” stated the lead designer. “We have employed the latest technology and best practices to come up with a website that will bring information and other utilities to their desktops and the palms of our patient’s hands.”

    About Cobble Creek Dental

    Cobble Creek Dental is a medical facility located in the new North Ogden Business Center next to the IHC clinic and Zion’s Bank. The facility is dedicated to providing patients with personalized and gentle dental care. They specialize in comprehensive dentistry, which includes an array of services such as routine cleanings to full mouth restorations using dental implants.

    The area where the facility is located is easily accessible. The facility is also spacious enough to enable them to serve their patients properly. There are no stairs to climb, plenty of parking, wheelchair accessible, and modern equipment to ensure professional and comfortable care to patients.

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    “The best way to enable new visitors, our patients, and their families to benefit more from our website is by having a fully functional online platform where information is presented in a well-organized manner.”
    - Shelli Myers, Cobble Creek Dental Office Manager
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