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    Comic Jumps Announces Party Rental Inflatables

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    Comic Jumps has announced the release of party rental inflatable products for children and family parties. A variety of inflatable units are available including toddler units, water inflatables, interactive units, slides, combos, and jumping bouncy units.

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    Comic Jumps, a party rental business from San Carlos, California, has announced their inflatable rental products for backyard parties, church events, company picnics or any other summer event. The products come in a variety of formats including those for sliding, water, jumping, interactive, and even toddler-friendly units. Delivery and setup of the units are included in the price.

    "All inflatable rentals from Comic Jumps undergo a safety inspection and sanitization process after each use. When a customer reserves an inflatable, they feel confident knowing the safety of their guests is the top priority of the company". Additionally, Comic Jumps has other policies and procedures in place to ensure the child has the event that they have dreamed of while remaining safe during the entire event," Mo Lotfy, spokesperson for Comic Jumps, explains.  No parent should spend their entire event worrying about the safety of guests, which is why these procedures have been put into place.

    If a customer has any concerns about the safety of the inflatables, Comic Jumps employees happily answer any questions so the customer feels confident using the device," Lotfy continues.

    A Comic Jumps staff member delivers and sets up each party rental inflatable before inspecting it to ensure it is in good working condition. The rental fee includes all costs which include the set up as well as take down, and Comic Jumps requests that an electrical outlet be reserved for use strictly by the inflatable rental. For those situations where an electrical plug isn't available, Comic Jumps can supply a generator rental for an additional charge.

    Inflatable rentals can be chosen with a large selection of brands and models including 4 in 1 and 5 in 1 challenge bounce houses, as well as Mickey Mouse, The Little Mermaid, Winnie The Pooh, Strawberry Shortcake, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and many other characters. Comic Jumps states that all play on these bounce houses should be supervised by adults in order to obtain the highest standard of safety. There are also a few specific rules for children to follow when playing in the units that allows this same level of safety to be reached throughout boarding, play, and dismounting from the products.

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    "We promise to give it our best to make your party an evening to remember for years to come."
    - Mo Lotfy
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    Mo Lotfy

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