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    Coming To America August 2014: Brand New Shoes From Argentina

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    Guanaco’s Authentic Sock-less Alpargata Footwear From Argentina Are Coming This Summer and Promise to ‘Knock The Socks Off’ the Fashion Industry.

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    Guanaco Shoes has announced they will be bringing their products to United States late this summer, debuting on Kickstarter with an announced launch date of August 24th 2014. For the past number of years, the Argentinian company has specialized in the design and production of some very popular South American canvas shoes, known as 'Alpargatas' or 'Espadrilles'. Their innovative designs, competitive prices, and increasing popularity amongst the Indie and Hipster communities, have contributed to their early booming success in the Argentina fashion industry. The momentum achieved with these very comfortable shoes appears to be the fuel behind their decision to extend their product availability to American markets for Summer 2014.

    Guanaco's founder, Max Cornet, states: "It's really quite amazing to see what is happening. We are dedicated to making amazing shoes, and people just love what we make."

    Max mentions a new alpargata which is set to be the focus of their launch in America; the Laced Classic, a new alpargata with the "most comfortable design" to date.

    Set to accompany their launch in the United States, Max has stated that they will be implementing a combination of environmental and social causes to the company's efforts. He explains that the model of the cause-portion of the company is something that has "never been seen before in the fashion industry", in which project direction and the decision-making process will be actively involving and ultimately determined by the "Guanaco community" (consumers).

    Further discussions with Max also touched upon the unfortunate circumstance by which the big-industry players of Toms and Paez have now moved the majority of their manufacturing to Asia; a move made to scale production in order to meet US and global demands. Max states, "It is not an option that we are ever capable of considering. We make Argentinian shoes, and they will always be made here in Argentina. That is our commitment, and we are proud of this."

    The launch date for Guanaco Shoes in the USA has been announced for Monday, August 25th 2014, and products available for pre-order through Kickstarter

    Kickstarter: http://www.guanacoshoes.com/kickstarter Brand Website: http://www.guanacoshoes.com Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/guanacoshoes


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