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    Conversion Rates Are Increasing with Online Video Advertising by VideoClients

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    Michigan-based VideoClients and it’s customers, local business owners, are embracing YouTube Video Commercial Advertising for its ability to provide targeted exposure at a fraction of the cost of television advertising.

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    October 30, 2014 (United States) – Video Clients, headed by one of the leading online marketing strategists in the United States, focuses on online video advertising via YouTube, the world's largest video search engine, to provide affordable and effective video marketing solutions to local businesses. The sheer magnitude of YouTube and its vast array of viewer demographics are proving to be a local business-marketing dream come true. It has never been easier for a local business to reach out to its target market. These online video advertising campaigns are proving to be a strong factor in successful online marketing.

    One of the few Google Partners certified in Advanced Video Advertising, Video Clients is providing leverage to their customers ready to step forward with online video advertising by embracing YouTube's virtually untapped content marketing potential. The average American consumer views nineteen hours of online video content every month, eighty percent will remember the content of video advertisements. Experiencing up to a sixty percent ad conversion rate, Video Clients' customers are pleased with the company's advanced management of their online video advertising campaigns. When compared to TV advertising campaigns, online video advertising provides local businesses with increased, targetable exposure at a fraction of the cost. As consumer' focus shifts away from television and toward online video, effective content marketing strategies will continue to shift as well. The online video commercial industry is growing stronger every day and there is no end in sight. Video Clients services are available throughout the United States. To begin using online video commercial advertising for a business or to learn more, log on to www.videoclients.com.

    About www.videoclients.com Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Video Clients is owned by Khancepts LLC, founded by A.M. Khan. Mr. Khan, a trusted Google Partner, has more than ten years of experience in providing Google AdWords management services. He has been featured in Entrepreneur.com and his company has been written about in many business blogs and publications across the globe.

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