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    Cornerstone International Group Publishes Career Guide

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    Global executive recruiting company reaches out to China’s seven million graduates

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    SHANGHAI, CH August 22 2014 - Every year in China, colleges and universities churn out seven million new graduates eager to move into the workforce. A new book launched here this month will now help them to find that first position faster.

    The book “First Steps to a Career” is written by Simon Wan, Chairman and CEO of the global executive recruiting company Cornerstone International Group. It was launched at the annual Shanghai Book Fair in mid-August with a book signing co-sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press.

    “Work is one of the most important things in our lives,” says Wan. “In order to have a good career path, people need to start planning right after university graduation. This book should help them to get a faster start.”

    The book contains nine chapters, each devoted to a specific set of skills required to research and win that critical first job. They are:

    • Managing and dealing with change.
    • Making decisions and planning directions.
    • Learning to self-assess with better techniques.
    • Preparing detailed CVs.
    • Improving strategic job searching skills.
    • Developing interpersonal and tool-using skills.
    • Building up interview skills.
    • Practising negotiation skills for better offers.
    • Passing a probation period successfully.

    “Nowadays, many graduates feel pressure in job searching,“ says Wan. “There is competition in many different forms. After several years of study, many students suddenly find themselves having to make very quick decisions about job opportunities and they are not really prepared for this commitment.

    “Some people may even end up spending years looking for the “Right” job, and that frequently leads to despair. So I hope this new career guide helps to prepare these people before they actually get their hands on a degree.”

    Cornerstone International Group has headquarters here and in the USA in Atlanta, Ga. The group includes 67 offices in 37 countries around the world and is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants, considered the gold standard for the industry.

    For information Eric Li [email protected]

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    “In order to have a good career path, people need to start planning right after university graduation."
    - Simon Wan, Chairman, Cornerstone Group International
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