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    Dimension One Spa Parts, Hot Tub Parts Retailer Creates Educational Videos

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    D1 Spa Parts Dealer showcases how-to videos to educate Dimension One Spas owners the best way to keep their hot tubs in peak running condition.

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    Dimension One Spa Parts retailer, Easy Spa Parts, an online retailer selling hot tub spa parts for Dimension One Spas and D1 Hot Tubs is proud to announce the creation of new videos devoted strictly to helping hot tub owners take care of their spas.

    “A hot tub is a large investment and must be cared for properly in order to get the maximum life and enjoyment from it,” said Phil Sandner, President of Easy Spa Parts located in San Diego, CA. “Properly maintaining a Dimension One hot tub is critical to continue to enjoy all the benefits that come with spa ownership,” continued Sandner.

    Continued exposure to a variety of weather conditions as well as constant use by family and friends means that hot tub owners really need to spend time keeping their investment running smoothly. “In order to help consumers understand what type of maintenance they should be performing, we created several short how-to videos detailing the most important things consumers should be doing,” commented Sandner.

    “All the videos are only a few minutes long and were designed to provide quick tips covering a variety of topics including hot tub covers, filters, water care and more,” said Sandner. Consumers can view all the videos by going to https://www.easyspaparts.com/DimensionOneSpaParts/Do-It-Yourself.

    In addition to these educational and training videos, Easy Spa Parts also created a YouTube© channel devoted strictly to maintaining Dimension One Spa hot tub covers. That channel can be found by going to http://www.youtube.com/DimensionOneSpaCover. This website contains 14 short (30 seconds) how to videos explaining the best way to take care of a spa cover.

    According to Sandner, “Hot tub owners looking for hot tub parts and spa cover replacements for their Dimension One Spa can now visit the Easy Spa Parts website, learn about what may be causing a problem by watching a video and then select the parts they need to resolve the problem.”

    Consumers wanting to learn more about Dimension One Spa Parts or to get an instant online price for a new hot tub or spa cover are encouraged to visit the company website for more information. The website address is http://www.EasySpaParts.com.

    About Easy Spa Parts Easy Spa Parts (ESP) is a full service hot tub parts and accessories specializing in Dimension One Spas.

    The ESP knowledgeable staff has 60+ years of combined experience, and can easily help consumers troubleshoot and repair most spa related issues. They’ve built their business and our reputation by providing solutions, one spa at a time and their expertise is just a phone call away.

    In addition to their live customer service team available 6 days a week, they also provide informative videos, step-by-step tutorials and printable maintenance tips available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    They continually work to exceed client expectations - even in the face of the most challenging conditions. It’s that dedication and attention to detail that keeps them a cut above the rest. They invite you to browse their site and hope hot tub owners find everything they need to make their spa experience the best it can be.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of their free report “Clean Water Made Easy - How to Keep Your Spa Water Crystal Clear.” Just give them a call at 866-418-1840 or go to http://www.EasySpaParts.com

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