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    Everything Winter Announces Backyard Hockey Rink Service

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    Everything Winter, a skating rink building company from Chicago, Illinois, has announced a backyard hockey rink service. Along with this hockey service, other residential and commercial ice rink projects are also being offered. Service includes installation, as well as take down and cleanup when the ice begins to melt in the spring, and prices range depending on size and type.

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    Ice rink building company, Everything Winter, has announced their backyard hockey rink service, which provides residents of the Chicago, Illinois area with small basic sizes to large sizes of ice rink installation. Services provided by the company also include take down and cleanup duties when the temperatures begin to rise in the spring, and projects can range in price from small basic setups to much larger installations depending on the size and style of instillation.

    Everything Winter charges $500 as a minimum price for residential projects, with more advanced setups priced as high as $2000. Larger projects can include additional costs for materials and labor with prices running into thousands of dollars, and are determined by the size of the rink, the pitch of the foundation being utilized and whether side walls are to be included or not.

    Other services provided by the company are refrigerated ice rinks, which are also recognized by the title of "chillers," and season long maintenance of all products. Refrigeration units allow rinks to remain as solid ice rinks at high ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In some cases excavation or construction of a wooden frame may be needed for this particular installation type, with prices reaching as high as $25,000.

    Everything Winter suggests that the difference between their services and similar ice rink installation businesses include their low prices and high quality products and workmanship. Maintenance of the projects can be determined on a weekly basis, or throughout the entire winter season. Consumers can visit their website for additional information about set up and maintenance services for backyard hockey rinks. Ted Nunez of Everything Winter skating rink builders in Chicago has also stated:

    "If you enjoy the cold and being outdoors we can even set you up with your very own backyard ice rink, perfect for ice skating or hockey."

    Before the purchase of an ice hockey rink, or other types of frozen rinks, customers can book a consultation. During this consultation period, a professional from the Everything Winter team will discuss with the customer the different types of rinks available and how affordable each option is. This may also include other topics such as maintenance, storage, and additional questions and concerns that client may have. Ice rink storage is also provided for residential and other rink types.


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    "Our consultants will take care of the design, installation, and maintenance so you can enjoy your time outdoors with friends and family."
    - Ted Nunez
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