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    FCEA Offers Free Continuing Education with Renowned Instructors to Dentists and Chiropractors

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    The cost for dental and chiropractic practitioners to fulfill state required continuing education hours generally far exceeds the benefits of attendance.The Free Continuing Education Association (FCEA) introduces state of the art CE instruction with the most well known lecturers in the industry; instruction that provides greater value than the actual cost of participation.

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    State professional licensing agencies nationwide require dentists and chiropractors to complete many hours of continuing education in their respective fields each year to keep up to date on regulatory and industry changes. In theory, this mandatory instruction is designed to benefit both the medical professional as well as their patients. However, the general consensus would reveal that many doctors view continuing education or CE as being an unwanted distraction to their practice.

    When simply weighing the costs associated with attending a CE course; registration fees, travel and lodging expenses, lost income for hours not serving patients, notwithstanding any derived educational benefits, it's no wonder that some doctors view continuing education as an invasive non-productive activity. The Free Continuing Education Association (FCEA) has heard the pleas from frustrated dental and chiropractic professionals by organizing a CE system that actually enhances the effectiveness and profitability of an attending medical practitioner.

    The FCEA has formed alliances with generous sponsors that allow them to not only offer free continuing education to their clients but this sponsorship also gives the FCEA the ability to bring in the most sought after presenters in the entire country; clinical, administrative, financial and marketing experts in the medical field that teach concepts that help transform struggling practices into thriving businesses. Because of the high demand for these medical innovators, the cost for their exceptional instruction is prohibitive for competing CE providers. Sponsorship makes all of this available to medical professionals by the FCEA.

    The objective and vision of the FCEA is to become the recognized authority in continuing education. "FCEA is all about Q.V.C.; quality, value and convenience" says COO, Michael McHenry. "When our doctors leave our free CE courses, they leave not only grateful for having attended, they are now more prepared to be the leaders of their professions in their communities and that brings us tremendous satisfaction."

    When FCEA participants receive instruction on state of the art clinical procedures by nationally reknown clinicians, along with superior practice management, marketing and income to wealth techniques by the top practice management consultants in the country, all at no cost to the participant, FCEA truly does position themselves as the standard of excellence in the area of continuing education. Contact FCEA Director of Events, David Salcido at 801-727-7239 for information.


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    “Excellent instructors and one of the better continuing education events that I have attended.”
    - Dr. Daniel Drozdowski, DC, Portland, Oregon
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    David Salcido



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