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    Gary Douglas Offers Life-Changing Experience Through Access Consciousness

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    Access Consciousness is the movement created by Gary Douglas, a former Santa Barbara realtor and successful businessman. Through Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas offers those who want to find a spiritual path to happiness the chance to reach their full potential.

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    Huntington Beach, California -- Author and motivational speaker Gary Douglas at http://www.rightvoiceforyou.com/gary-douglas.asp does more than simply give people vague advice about motivation and spirituality. He lives his own beliefs and offers life-changing experiences through his program, Access Consciousness.

    Gary Douglas at http://www.creatingaconsciousworld.com/access-consciousness/gary-douglas/ describes his upbringing as a 'Leave It To Beaver' childhood that, nevertheless, lacked the spiritual definition that he wanted. He relates the story of walking to church every Sunday with his little sister when he was nine years old. He also tells how his father died when Gary was 17, teaching him the hard lesson that "working yourself to death for your family doesn’t necessarily provide everything they need."

    After a series of revelations and insights, Gary Douglas at http://creatinggreaterpossibilities.com/who-is-gary-douglas describes the origins of Access Consciousness. “I began channeling information about points on the head that act like a computer bank for all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations, attitudes and decisions," says Gary. He started with a class of four friends, and has since expanded his work to touch thousands of people.

    Access Consciousness is a program that focuses on the spiritual power within each individual and how that power can be channeled or focused to produce desired results. Access Consciousness offers pragmatic solutions and tools to change things in life that have been immobile until now.

    With Access Consciousness, anyone can enjoy life-changing motivation through total awareness.

    About Gary Douglas: Gary Douglas is the founder and leader of Access Consciousness. He leads people in their efforts to change things in their lives through a broadening of consciousness and specific, workable techniques to bring power into their lives.  More information about Gary Douglas can also be viewed at http://www.newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00080759-gary-douglas.html.

    For More Information:

    Tyler Collins Swell Marketing 16400 Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite 218 Huntington Beach, California 92649 (949) 494-0007 tyler@swellmarketing.net http://www.rightvoiceforyou.com/gary-douglas.asp

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