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    Gluten Free Society Launches New Vimeo channel for All Things Related to Gluten Intolerances and Sensitivities

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    The Gluten Free Society, founded by Dr. Peter Osborne, has introduced a new video channel to bring recipes, health issues, and scientific findings for people suffering from gluten sensitivities.

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    In their new video channel, Gluten Free Society, founded in 2010 by Dr. Peter Osborne, helps educate patients and physicians on the far reaching effects of gluten sensitivity. There are over two hundred different diseases and complications that have been linked with gluten sensitivities in people. The list is long and complex because every person reacts to gluten in a different way and this results in many traditional tests misdiagnosing or inaccurately reporting gluten intolerances. Even more concerning is the fact that when people are diagnosed with celiac disease they often are not put on a truly one hundred percent gluten-free diet and do not fully reestablish their good health. Fortunately Dr. Peter Osborne is an expert on gluten and has compiled all of his findings and efforts into one place on Vimeo.

    The new Vimeo channel located at https://vimeo.com/glutenfreesociety is broken into five easy to navigate sub channels that feature gluten-free recipes, findings on complications and diseases linked to it, reviews and testimonials, and a highlighted segment with discussions by Dr. Osborne on various news outlets. Each sub channel focuses on bringing a different perspective for individuals to learn more about the far reaching effects of gluten sensitivity. Anyone looking to understand the full extent of diseases stemming from gluten should check out both the “complications from gluten” and “on tv and in the news” channels. A common problem is that people react to gluten in different ways and many people suffering from celiac disease, an intolerance, or a sensitivity are often not even aware that it is affecting their lives.

    The video channel “reviews and testimonials” provides some valuable insight on how a gluten sensitivity can actually affect a person. For example, some people have immune reactions, some have intestinal problems, some develop psychological problems, and some suffer with migraine headaches, psoriasis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue. Even people who have been blood tested and found not to have a gluten intolerance may be suffering from complications because traditional tests only measure the gluten found in wheat. However, gluten is a protein found in the grains wheat, barley, and rye.   Additional testing can determine whether an individual is potentially experiencing a broader spectrum of gluten intolerance.  Genetic testing (DNA)  can reveal whether a person is at risk for developing celiac disease.

    The new video channel from the Gluten Free Society not only helps people understand the full scope of gluten sensitivities but also helps people suffering from one cope and become educated on the complication. The channel was started to help people who may be suffering from a gluten intolerance find out whether or not they would benefit from undergoing genetic DNA testing for celiac disease genes. The Gluten Free Society wanted to make sure suffers would be able to get educated and have assistance in living with the difficulties that come with the disease. A true one hundred percent gluten-free diet is sometimes the only way to cope with the disorder and the sub channel “gluten-free recipes” will help people accomplish that diet. Visit https://vimeo.com/glutenfreesociety to follow Gluten Free Society’s channel and get notified when they present new information and findings.

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