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    Gold, Cyprus, and Collectivism: Success Council Interviews David McAlvany

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    Success Council, a Group Teaching How To Make Money During an Economic Crisis, Recently Released a Video Interview of David McAlvany, of McAlvany Financial Group On His Predictions On The Future Global Economic Outlook and Upcoming Economic Collapse. McAlvany’s Extensive Knowledge and Experience in the Precious Metals Markets Lends Credibility To His Predictions That The End of the System As We Know It Is Coming.

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    Success Council, a Members-Only group teaching people how to profit and prosper during an economic collapse, just released a video interview of David McAlvany, a precious metals wholesaler and dealer.  McAlvany is the CEO of McAlvany Financial Group, which has produced a number of documentaries on the upcoming financial collapse, including the very popular mini-documentary entitled, The Fuse Is Lit Part III: An American Reckoning.  In Success Council’s exclusive interview, McAlvany explains what’s next for the global economy.  He touches on the economic crisis after the Cyprus “Bail-In” and what that means for the future of consumer behavior and precious metals.

    In June 2013, the European Central Bank forced Cypriot account holders to hand over, in some cases, up to 60% of their bank deposits.  Argentina, and other countries, has instigated certain capital controls, not allowing money to flow beyond their borders.  It is these actions, which according to McAlvany, is seriously affecting consumer behavior.

    In the interview, McAlvany explains how regular people who deposit their money in banks now view their deposits in a post “bail-in” world as unsafe.  According to McAlvany, depositors are feeling insecure due to the mode and mindset of statist (i.e. big government) that puts the people’s deposits in jeopardy.  And for the first time around the world, “that awareness is changing consumer behavior.  You say to yourself, I’d rather be my own bank.  I am not getting anything in interest, I might as well have it in ounces at home.”  Said McAlvany.

    McAlvany’s interview is just one of many provided in Success Council’s Member’s Area.  Success Council regularly interviews financial and survival experts to provide cutting edge content for their members.  To find out more about Success Council, and to attend a free online training on how to profit and prosper from the upcoming economic collapse, visit Success Council’s website.   


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    [A]wareness is changing consumer behavior. You say to yourself, I’d rather be my own bank. I am not getting anything in interest, I might as well have it in ounces at home.
    - David McAlvany
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