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    Grand Slam Bitcoin Investment Predictions

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    Success Council, a Group Teaching People How To Profit From the Upcoming Economic Crisis, Recently Released An Interview With Bitcoin Expert, Trace Mayer. In This Exclusive Bitcoin Interview, Trace Reveals How His 2012 Predictions Panned Out, and What Is In Store For Bitcoin Investments In 2014.

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    Success Council recently released an exclusive interview with Bitcoin Expert, Trace Mayer, where Mr. Mayer discussed how his 2012 and 2013 Bitcoin predictions had massively paid off, and what he believes is in store for Bitcoin in 2014.

    Mr. Mayer had four big “Grand Slam” predictions that massively paid off in 2013.  He reveals them in his exclusive interview with Success Council.  And each of his four predictions share the following  four traits:  First, they all “settle in currency that can’t be seized,” i.e. Bitcoin.  Second, they are all privately held, meaning the government is not involved.  Third, they all have high liquidity, and are easily conversion to cash, so the investor may get into or out of a position easily.  And lastly, they have averaged more than a 1000% return in 12 months.  Watch the exclusive interview to find out Mr. Mayer’s 2013 Bitcoin Grand Slams.

    Mr. Mayer certainly has the Bitcoin Bug, as he predicts that businesses that get involved in Bitcoin over the next few years, have a strong tail wind behind them, saying, “that is what I’m talking about as far as headwind, and saying we are with the current [when it comes to Bitcoin].”

    What is Bitcoin you ask?  Well, according to Max Wright, a founding member of Success Council, “Bitcoin is a digitial currency poised to change the way we look at money, forever.”

    Bitcoin is just one of many crypto currencies, which are not backed by any central government.  According to Mayer, Bitcoin is based on open-sourced computing code, which anyone can review.  Success Council’s own Max Wright has recently launched a few products in the Bitcoin space, including his Bitcoin Starter Kit.  Wright is the co-author of Amazon Best-Selling book for the term “Bitcoin,” entitled, The Bitcoin Revolution: Ending Tyranny For Fun and Profit.  Wright is set to launch a new edition of his new book very soon.

    According to TechCrunch, the Bitcoin Revolution has really taken hold in 2013, as Bitcoin becomes more mainstream than ever.  And Trace Mayer agrees, arguing that businesses involved in the Bitcoin space look very bright well into 2014, especially as people continue to lose faith in their governments and central banks.

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    “Bitcoin is a digitial currency poised to change the way we look at money, forever.”
    - Max Wright
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