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    Hayfers Horse Treats Is On A Mission To Connect Humans, Health, and Horses

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    Healthy horse treat company Hayfers horse treats announces the launch of their new Etsy page, where they promote and sell nutritious treats for horses

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    The Company's core belief in the special relationship between people and their equine friends provides the foundation for Hayfers Horse Treats' commitment to making a quality product. Hayfers Horse Treats believes good nutrition goes hoof and hoof with a happy, healthy life.

    Hayfers Horse Treats is a small family owned company located in Minnesota, focused on making delicious and nutritious treats any horse will love. Headquartered in the Twin Cities area of MN, this unique company is dedicated to making tasty dehydrated horse treats, power packed with nutrients and fiber while remaining low in sugar and starch. Research suggests that replacing sugary snacks with low carbohydrate ones can positively affect a horse's emotional and physical well-being.

    "Horses are herbivores, they naturally graze on grasses, flowers, plants and herbs; not concentrated sugar or starch" says Cindy Olson, creator of Hayfers Horse Treats. "So why not "treat" them like a horse?"

    Hayfers Horse Treats recently launched its debut in the Etsy marketplace with selected products. "We have products excellent for use as a training aid or reward and even gifts to share with other equine-loving friends" says product manager Jenny Gochoel.

    Hayfers Horse Treats believes humans and animals can learn from one another. Their belief is that horses have a way of getting to the heart of the matter and that horses  are powerful teachers and can facilitate healing in humans. "Our lives have changed for the better because of our horses and we enjoy returning the favor because they trust us to care for them", says Cindy.

 Having an interest in health and nutrition, Cindy began research and development in the kitchen.  She then took it to the barn where her horses tested the treats, giving them two hooves up... and 'voila!'...the Hayfer was born.

    The staff at Hayfers Horse Treats hopes to help people connect in the experience of caring for an equine friend by sharing a quiet moment with a natural treat and to treasure the nature of a horse.
  They love horses and it's their way of helping  horses live a long happy healthy life.  And it's their philosophy that horses  love their caring owners right back.

    To learn more about Hayfers products, visit Hayfers Horse Treats .  To find out more about Hayfers healthy horse treats, visit their Etsy shopping page.(https://www.etsy.com/shop/HayfersHorseTreats)

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    Horses are herbivores, they naturally graze on grasses, flowers, plants and herbs; not concentrated sugar or starch
    - Cindy Olson
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