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    Hot Tub Dealer, Pool Builder Hagerstown, Participates in Physical Fitness Month

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    Hot Tubs, Pool Builder in Hagerstown, MD Publishes Three Ways to Improve Fitness. Offers Free Hot Tub and Portable Spa Test Soaks to Local Residents.

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    Flohr Pools, a pool builder and hot tub dealer in Chambersburg, PA, Hagerstown, MD and Martinsburg, WV has just published a simple guide to improved health and physical fitness.

    “It would be lovely if we all had the time to spend hours every day in a gym. However, the reality is, it can be difficult to fit even a 30 minute workout into a day’s schedule,” says Mark Flohr, president of Flohr Pools. “National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is designed to help encourage people all over the country to find ways to get more exercise,” continued Flohr.

    Here are three ways to make it easier to exercise every day and improve fitness:

    Time Blocks – 30 minutes a day is the average suggested amount of time each person should find to exercise every day. It doesn’t sound like much, but a lot of people have trouble arranging their schedules to get a solid 30 minutes of any type of exercise in. In addition, 30 minutes of continuous exercise may be difficult for individuals who are normally couch potatoes. The good news is it isn’t necessary to get those 30 minutes a day in one continuous period of time. Instead, break up the workout and do a few minutes several times per day.

    Boredom Busters – Some people find routine exercises boring. Day after day, doing the same thing, even if it is something enjoyable in general will tend to get boring. Breaking up the types of exercises and doing different things each day will make getting a daily workout in much more fun. Ride a bike one day, take a stroll through the park another, and work in a quick aerobic or yoga class in several times a week to make getting a daily workout in without getting bored.

    Soaking in a Hot Tub - Healthy Exercise – According to Dr. Bruce E. Becker, M.D., just sitting neck deep in hot water can increase cardiovascular health. A study by Dr. Becker, clinical professor of the Department of Rehabilitation at the University of Washington, showed that sitting in a hot tub is an effective way to get a workout for cardio health. The studies by Dr. Becker also showed that resistance exercises performed in a hot tub increased their value and the water resistance increased the value of even basic exercises for those with joint illnesses or injuries.

    “To show local residents the advantages of owning their own hot tub, we will be providing free hot tub test soaks in all three of our showrooms for the entire month. We do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute wet test call us ahead of time to reserve their spot,” said Flohr.

    About Flohr Pools Flohr Pools was originally founded in 1968. Over the past 45+ years, we've brought happiness to untold thousands of homeowners in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. Our products include Hot Spring Spas, Doughboy above-ground pools as well as vinyl liner and fiberglass in-ground pools.

    We still service everything we sell, with an extensive in-house crew of experts. We also operate year-round retail facilities and showrooms in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

    Consumers wanting to get more information about pools are encouraged to download a copy of their free Hot Tub or Pool Buyer’s Guide - just go to http://www.FlohrPools.com or call 717-264-4373

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    “National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is designed to help encourage people all over the country to find ways to get more exercise.”
    - Mark Flohr, president of Flohr Pools
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