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    Invisume – The Invisible Resume Launches

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    Invisume has launched a new website to help professionals find opportunities that match the information in their resumes in a secure environment.

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    Phoenix, Arizona - Invisume launches its Invisible Resume platform to welcome sales professionals from entry to executive levels to enter deep background information into a private environment and match it against opportunity in the marketplace.

    The company provides 100% privacy for members to have their backgrounds matched up against available job opportunities.  The goal is to save time for both while increasing options via strict privacy measures allowing companies to apply to potential employees’ background data vs. names.

    “The goal is to reverse the process - have companies apply to people vs. how it is now.  What was clear in over 1,000 conversations was that privacy and red tape were the top two issues that kept people from considering career options” Invisume CEO, Chad Porter said.

    Invisume gathers personal data similar to an HR screen, but retracts personally identifiable information to eliminate that red tape.  Structured data ensures anonymity and is matched against all jobs reducing the need for multiple non-private applications.  Companies benefit with enough information to initiate a targeted contact.

    “If we increase privacy and decrease time spent for both sides, we will have a positive impact on allowing passive candidates more freedom in their career paths.  And we needed to do it for free in order really help them.  Twenty minutes with us, in private, for free, to get the right opportunity beats sixty minutes in public, potentially risking your current job, on a few wrong ones.“

    Invisume is a revolutionary new site to help pair companies with ideal applicants. Founded by experienced and impassioned entrepreneurs, Invisume offers a completely new spin on the job market. Applicants are totally protected and will be able to find new opportunities that fit their skillset and experience.

    It’s also designed for speeding up the hiring process.  The recruiting industry is too slow and flawed as it is. It takes entirely too long to hire people in the current system. Invisume makes the entire process easier.

    For more information, visit http://invisume.com/


    Chad Porter [email protected] P.O. Box 12294 Glendale, AZ 85318-2294 480-773-8354

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