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    Isabelle and Oliver Releases Baby Food Tray on Amazon.com

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    (Lafayette, LA) Isabelle and Oliver announces a sale on their popular baby food freezer tray. The freezer tray, currently being offered for only $11.99 at Amazon.com, allows parents to make and store their own baby food. Many store purchased products contain ingredients such as juice concentrate which concern parents, leading quite a few to choose to make their own, and, with the help of this silicone freezer tray, doing so becomes an easier task.

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    Food preparation safety practices must be followed at all times when preparing homemade baby food. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and water, and, when preparing meat, the cutting board, knives, and/or food processor must be washed thoroughly after each use and allowed to air dry. Doing so prevents cross contamination of the juices from meat and other foods, and many choose to use a separate cutting board for meat products to prevent this.

    Crackower also recommends parents choose the freshest fruits and vegetables available, and to use the foods within one or two days for great results. All seeds, cores, and peels need to be removed and the fruits and vegetables baked, steamed, or boiled until soft. The foods then need to be pureed before use.

    Making use of baby food storage trays helps to reduce the time needed for food preparation, of importance to parents with young children. Make big batches of baby food at one time, using the silicone trays to store individual portions. Once frozen, transfer the food to plastic storage bags and freeze.

    "Parents need to date each package as any foods containing meat need to be consumed within an eight week period. Fruits and vegetables can be stored for up to three months, and good foods to start with include apricots, bananas, peas, and sweet potatoes. Furthermore, never make homemade baby food for children under six months of age using fresh turnips, beets, spinach, and collard greens, as they tend to be high in nitrates. Parents need to buy these baby foods commercially, because the manufacturers screen for these nitrates and other residues," Crackower states .

    Many, when making homemade baby food, choose the silicone food tray as it offers safe and convenient storage. The freezer tray comes with a clip-on lid to reduce the risk of mess, and it has been approved by the FDA. Parents, likely on a tight budget, appreciate the fact that the tray comes with a lifetime warranty.

    "The Isabelle and Oliver baby food freezer tray contains no BPA, lead, latex, or phthalate and is bacteria resistant, stainless, and odorless. It tolerates high temperatures and offers wide portions which grow with the baby. The tray may be used to freeze homemade baby food and breast milk and may be used to freeze herbs, yogurts, and more, when baby moves to solid foods. One can't go wrong when choosing this amazing product," Crackower declares.

    Consumers looking to purchase their very own Isabelle and Oliver baby food freezer tray should go to the product listing page on Amazon located here: http://www.amazon.com/Silicone-Multiportion-Convenient-Container--Phthalate/dp/B00N9B82ZM

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    "Parents find making their own baby food at home tends to be very easy. Mash bananas with a fork or run meat through a blender and the baby has homemade delicious food, food which the parent feels safe feeing the child, knowing exactly how it was made," Sadie Crackower, spokesperson for Isabelle and Oliver, explains.
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