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    Jetpack America Awards New Pilot Water Wings For Jetlev In San Diego

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    Jetpack America in San Diego recently awarded a local entrepreneur his water wings certifying him as an official water jetpack pilot. Now anyone can earn their wings and fly like Ironman

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    Jetpack America in San Diego, CA recently awarded a local entrepreneur his "water wings" as Brad Costanzo strapped on a futuristic-looking jetpack, dipped his toes into the chilly Mission Bay water, hit the throttle on his water powered jetpack and ascended into the air on two pillars of water. Costanzo, a serial entrepreneur, investor and marketing consultant had always dreamed of flying since he was a child.

    "Jetpacks seemed so 'science-fiction' to me and I never thought I'd be able to strap a real one on my back and fly." But thanks to the folks at JetPack America in San Diego, CA Brad can now go out anytime he wants, strap on the backpack and work on this Ironman impression with his Jetpack Pilot Certification. "This was my first time, and yes, I was nervous" Costanzo said "but it was more exciting than anything.  The instructors were awesome, they made me feel safe and never let me crash."  Costanzo did crash once when he released both hands to waive to his friends in the crowd and accidentally pulled the kill switch, plunging about 10 feet into the bay.  Luckily he came up laughing. "If I were visiting San Diego as a tourist," Brad said "this would be the first activity I would book!"

    Jetpack America provides anyone who's willing to fly with the opportunity to strap on a jetpack and create a memory that will last a lifetime. Folks looking to book their first flight at Jetpack America in San Diego need only mention "Brad Costanzo referred me" and they will receive a special discount on their first flight (according to the operators at the desk).

    For more information about Jetpack America in San Diego, visit JetpackAmerica.com (also available in Newport Beach, Honolulu and coming soon to Las Vegas).

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    "If I were visiting San Diego as a tourist," Brad said "this would be the first activity I would book!"
    - Brad Costanzo
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