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    K9z Rule LLC Announces Reasons For Selling A Liquid-Based Supplement

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    K9 Joint Relief has just announced the reasons for selling their supplement in liquid form, rather than pill or capsule form. According to the manufacturers, this has to do with the manner in which the liquid is absorbed within the body, including the ease with which the supplements are administered.

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    K9z Rule LLC has recently announced its reasons for selling the joint supplements for dogs they are advertising, K9 Joint Relief, in liquid form, when compared with the capsule and pill-base alternatives. According to these manufacturers, they believe that this form is the most efficient when it comes to having the glucosamine absorbed by the body. What is more, the manufacturers also believe that this allows the supplements to be administered much more easily.

    As dogs begin to age, their bodies begin to inhibit glucosamine production, which eventually contributes to the break down of cartilage within the body. K9 Joint Relief liquid glucosamine for dogs has been manufactured not only to aid in the repairing of cartilage, but also to prevent the breaking down of this component in the first place. In order to accomplish this, the supplement contains glucosamine, as well as additional components such as MSM for dogs.

    According to the experts, it can take hours for a pill or capsule to be fully absorbed by the body, whereas many liquids take only a few minutes to accomplish the same thing. This is one of the reasons why K9 Joint Relief uses this specific medium for the transportation of the ingredients in the bodies of animals taking these joint supplements for dogs. Liquids are also much less likely to be left unabsorbed within the gut and pass undigested throughout the system, which allows more of the active ingredients to be absorbed into the body. Undigested ingredients could be passed through the body, causing active ingredients to be wasted.

    Administering supplements to dogs is known to be a somewhat challenging task among pet owners, according to many experts. In liquid form, according to the manufacturers of K9 Joint Relief allows pet owners to pour the liquid over the animals food or in their water. This, as many experts state, makes the task of administering the supplements somewhat simpler.

    Supplements that are taken orally are often sweetened or laced with additives to ensure that they are appealing enough to be consumed by the animals in question. Due to the manner in which K9 Joint Relief is administered, this is not necessary. This has alleviated the necessity of adding unhealthy additives to the product simply to make it possible for it to be administered on a regular basis. By preventing additional, unnecessary additives from being included in the makeup of the product, this not only improves the quality of the supplement, according to the experts, but it also allows the product to be manufactured at a decreased cost.

    The liquid form has been chosen by K9 Joint Relief supplement manufacturers for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they believe this to be the most efficient form of administering this sort of product.

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    Tim Warren K9z Rule LLC 1278 Justin Rd Suite 109 Lewisville, TX 75077 Phone Number: (972) 755-9801 Email Address: [email protected]

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