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    Multitex Travels Announces The Release Of Family-Oriented Packing Cubes

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    Multitex Travels Announces The Release Of Family-Oriented Packing Cubes with a free bonus shoe bag for each set.

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    Packing Cubes have transformed the way many travelers pack and travel. The usual practice was to stuff one's clothes, shoes, toiletries, files, undies inside one traveling bag hoping that everything will stay the same when one reaches his destination. Unfortunately, with the stress of packing and dumping during any trip, most of the contents stuffed inside the traveling bags do not make it intact during unpacking. But these tiny Packing Cubes are changing the way people travel.

    These square-looking diamond fabrics with a diagonal black mesh on top have become very popular with many travelers. MultiTex Packing Cubes are becoming common site in many airport checkpoints as traveler unpack and pack with unusual ease and speed. Travelers are finding them both time and space-savers. Not only do they help in organizing one’s travel items in different cubes for ease of identification, they also keep them intact throughout the trip. This means one can iron his clothes at home and have them intact at the end of the trip.

    The MultiTex Brands of Travel Packing Cubes comes in 4 piece set of different sizes. The smallest size is designed to store toiletries, computer/cell phone cables and cosmetics. The Multitex brands of Travel Packing Cubes also comes with a free bonus Shoe bag for each packing Cubes set of 4 piece. The texture, design and the many variants of Multitex Packing Cubes make it a very versatile accessory for travelers.

    MultiTex Packing Cubes comes with many color variants which include, Ash, Black, Gold, Navy and Orange colors. According to the Marketing Director of the company, Mr. Evans Anderson:

    “More color variation will be added very soon to give customers more color choices. This is in response to demands as sales are already spiking up on the product listing on Amazon.”

    Multitex Packing Cubes are specially designed to secure belongings, conceal one's most private and intimate items while allowing one easy access to them anytime.

    - Never worry about the hassles of airport check-point's.

    -No longer worry about misplacing small but important items while traveling.

    - Travel with kids and have their stuff secured separately within the same bag.

    - Travel with infants and never worry about how to handle their soiled cloths, diapers, baby foods, juice, liquid drinks and change cloths.

    - Organize tops, pants, undies, make-ups, used and dirty cloths, etc., in separate packing cubes while traveling and have them stay nicely in place.

    - Pack gym cloths, running shoes, working cloths etc., in one bag but separate packing cubes- work to gym!

    - Pack dirt and damp resistant material and never worry about soaking.

    Multitex Packing Cubes brand already has so many five star rating raving reviews on Amazon Market Place. Here what a highly excited and satisfied customer-Janet B., wrote:

    “What a great way to pack your things. This set of four cubes (each with a carry handle) are well constructed and have nylon zippers and a mesh window that allows you to see the contents. The smallest one is perfect for cosmetics, the medium for intimates leaving the large and largest ones for the rest of your packing needs. I like the fact that I can place these directly into hotel drawers, no need to completely unpack. There are so many uses for these besides travel. They are great for being organized - having a change of clothes in the car for the little ones, camping, gym clothes, or to organize drawers in your home. Very pleased with this product.”- Janet B (Amazon Verified Reviewer)

    Also here is another review on Amazon Market Place by another satisfied customer, Kim G.

    “I wasn't sure if I would really like these or if they would just turn out to be extra work and something I didn't need. Now that I have used them I wonder why I didn't purchase these sooner! It's a great way to pack your things neatly and be able to find them quickly. I used the little one for socks and underwear and was able to just put it right in a drawer while on vacation. No more digging for socks after all your cloths have shifted during your flight. The long one works great too, keep thing flatter so there is less wrinkling, which means no ironing in the hotel room. I would recommend these to anyone who travels, even if it's not that often, is so worth it to know where everything is when you arrive.”- Kim G. (Amazon Verified Reviewer).

    All Multitex Travels, including the Family packing Cubes can be purchased on Amazon Market Place.

    About MultiTex Travels MultiTex Travels is visionary company determined to revolutionize the way many travel by offering unique but quality travel gears and accessories that make traveling easy and stress-free.

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    “More color variation will be added very soon to give customers more color choices. This is in response to demands as sales are already spiking up on the product listing on Amazon.”
    - Evans Anderson
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