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    Nayoya’s Extra Thick Yoga Mat Provides Yoga lovers With A Non-Slip Grip While Adding Comfort To Any Yoga Position

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    Nayoya has just released the yoga lover’s dream mat. This non slip, double sided yoga mat measures 71 inches in length, 24 inches in width and is almost 1/2 inch thick to comfort knees, back and elbows during intense yoga sessions.

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    Nayoya Wellness, a company that specializes in helping its customers improve their fitness and beauty recently launched it's promising new yoga mat on Amazon. The yoga mats, which are praised for their great construction, quality, and comfort, are now available on Amazon, but customers can also take an additional 20 percent off using a coupon code they can find on Nayoya's website.

    According to specifications each beautiful yellow and green Yoga Mat measures 71 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and almost half an inch in thickness—optimal measurements for complete comfort. Nayoya Wellness chose green for the product because the color has been associated with balance, positive energy, growth, renewal, healing and life essence—the basis of yoga—and the company believes that its mats will bring calmness and more focus to exercise and yoga lessons. The mats are easy on the back, provide comfort for the knees, and offer maximum stability and comfort due to its non-slip surface grips.

    Additionally, the exercise yoga mats are double sided and made of two different textures for personal preferences. Each mat goes over the shoulder, ensuring easy transport, and provides lightweight comfort and ease. The mats are self-strapping and come with a free bonus carry bag and beautiful yellow adjustable carry straps.

    Customers who have used Nayoya Wellness’ merchandise have always been pleased with the company’s range of products, technology, and customer service.

    “I bought this mat because of the thickness, which helps cushion my body during stretches and workouts as I tend to get back pain flare ups periodically, and I am impressed with the quality,” said Alex S. in his Amazon review of the yoga mat. “The thickness of the yoga mat really comes into play as I no longer have knee bruises and lower back pain. This mat is extremely comfortable to lay on and workout on.”

    Individuals interested in learning more about Nayoya Wellness and its impressive line of beauty, health and gym accessories can visit the company’s website for additional information.

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    "I am very happy with this yoga mat. I recently got into yoga a little over 5 weeks ago and already went through 2 mats which seemed to be very flimsy and made me feel bruised up after my yoga sessions because I can almost feel my body touching the floor. I went on a quest to find a better quality yoga mat to exercise on which would also be considerably thicker then the previous mats I used. This yoga mat does just that. It's extra thick and gives my body the comfort I was looking for as well as quality."
    - Caitlin
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