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    The Atlanta Hearing Doctor Unveils New Website about Hearing Aid Information

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    Dr. Maria Wynens, and the team at the Atlanta Hearing Doctor, created a fantastically interactive website to provide hearing aid education and access to modern hearing aid technologies, hearing protection, and tinnitus treatments.

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    Now, in addition to their warm, comfortable office, the Atlanta Hearing Doctor's website is a real treat.  It is pleasant on the eyes, easy to navigate, and provides ample ways to get in touch with with Dr. Maria Wynens, and the Atlanta Hearing Doctor team.

      • 'About Us': Learn about the 28 year history of Dr. Maria Wynens, Doctor of Audiology, and what sets the Atlanta Hearing Doctor's team apart from others in the industry.  "Anyone can simply sell you a hearing aid.  We offer the expertise, professional service, and continuing support that it takes to truly experience success with better hearing hearing and to take full advantage of today's highly customizable, highly programmable hearing aid technologies."
      • 'Your Hearing': Gain access to tons of high quality information regarding hearing loss, hearing protection,  hearing, tinnitus, or even take an online hearing test to gauge  hearing ability.  There's even a great video that helps put hearing loss in perspective.
      • 'Hearing Protection': On this page visitors find more insider information on custom earplugs for everyone from fitness professionals, hunters, musicians, and those that work in loud environments.


      • 'Reviews': Here the visitor may browse through many different reviews from people who have had great experiences working with the Atlanta Hearing Doctor and been fit with the best hearing aids the industry has to offer.
      • 'Location': In the Atlanta area and looking for the best audiology team around? This page shows the visitor exactly where they need to go to visit their office on Glenridge Drive.  Again, it's a warm, welcoming, and comfortable office.
      • 'Blog': On a regular basis, really interesting, informative, and engaging content is published on their blog.  One day it could be an introduction to the new iPhone hearing aids, or tips and tricks relevant to hearing protection.
      • 'Tinnitus': Known as "ringing" in the ears, is a widespread problem.  The Atlanta Hearing Doctor has excellent infomation about tinnitus and treatment options.

    Head on over to www.atlanathearing doctor.com and see how much there is to learn and how much more pleasant the sounds of the world can become.  Dr. Maria Wynens is always up to date on the latest innovations and technology, and after nearly 28 years as an audiologist, is ready to make the whole process 100 times easier for patients.

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    I strongly believe, each person that walks through my door, will have an excellent experience, and will be successful when improving their hearing. This is my personal goal for each and every one of my patients.
    - Dr. Maria Wynens
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