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    The Elevation Group Explains Derivatives in The Stock Market

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    In a new video, Mike Dillard (Founder) and Robert Hirsch (CEO) of The Elevation Group, sit down with a financial expert to discuss derivatives in the stock market.

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    The Elevation Group’s (EVG) latest video features a financial expert explaining derivatives in the stock market. EVG is a financial education company that shares the techniques and investing strategies utilized by the ultra-rich with the world. Founded by Mike Dillard after the financial crisis in 2008, Robert Hirsch and Mike Dillard present new ways for individuals to think about wealth. Andy Tanner, a paper assets expert, investor, and author sits down in this video with The Elevation Group to explain derivatives in the stock market, and how derivatives can make the ultra-rich even richer.

    The video introduces the traditional strategy used by most people investing into a 401k, and explains how most amateur investors would try to buy low and sell high while diversifying their portfolio to minimize risk. However, a professional investor, such as Mark Cuban, would manage his risks using derivatives. Derivatives themselves are merely contracts between two or more parties and the value is based on an underlying asset, which in this case are the stocks. In this video Andy Tanner further explains that these derivatives can be used as a hedge.

    Robert Hirsch asks the question, “what if one party doesn’t fulfill their promise on the contract?” Andy Tanner answers this question by explaining the use of futures (a common type of derivative), cash settled accounts, and hedging to protect investments. In order to further clarify this topic the video uses the insurance industry for an analogy. For example, a person who holds automobile insurance pays his insurance company a premium to protect an asset (the car). Any damage that happens to the car requires that a claim be made to get those damages repaired. Theoretically, there is a risk that an insurance company could rescind on its promise to pay for these damages, but this would ultimately lead the business to fail. The futures market has taken preventative steps to reduce the risk of using derivatives in the stock market. However, Andy stresses that in the end one party will come out the winner and one the loser, making financial education absolutely necessary to minimize financial risks.

    The video can be viewed on The Elevation Group’s YouTube channel here: What are Derivatives in the Stock Market? They also have more than a hundred additional educational videos exploring various financial topics.

    Their website, http://theelevationgroup.com, contains more information about what EVG does.

    About: The Elevation Group was founded by two successful entrepreneurs, Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch, who watched their friends and family members experience pain, fear, and loss during the financial crisis of 2008, while noticing that the rich grew even richer during the same period. Since then, The Elevation Group has been the fastest growing financial education company on the planet, teaching people new ways to think about wealth. They have taught more than 50,000 members since 2010.

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