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    Todd Gaster Cautions Millennials to Focus Less on Money as a Measure of Wealth

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    Todd Gaster, wealth and success expert, wants everyone to understand money is only one aspect of wealth and that wealth, regardless of income, is more about the value brought to the world and into the marketplace.

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    Todd Gaster is a wealth and success expert who believes that wealth as a tool for happiness. “I talk about wealth a lot. And it’s funny the different responses I get,” says Todd with a grin. “Typically, people focus on the money aspect of wealth. But see, wealth is more than money. Money is a part of wealth obviously, but only a part. Wealth is value. Money is a scorecard for the value you bring to the marketplace.”

    According to research conducted by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, on average, the wealth of households headed by someone 40 years old or younger after being adjusted for inflation remains 30% below 2007 levels. The research concluded that the Millennial generation has been the slowest to recover from the recession and the collapse of the housing market.

    One of the most powerful barriers to building wealth and creating success is the mind. People who measure their wealth by their income and the market value of their home are missing the point. Todd challenges his clients with questions about: How much value they bring to the marketplace, How much value they bring to their community, and How much value do they bring to their family.

    Todd teaches that anyone can create an abundance of wealth and happiness and live the life they deserve – even in a tough economy – by applying the principles of the science of neuro-semantics.

    Todd is one of the few experts in the world who uses the science of neuro-semantics to help others achieve wealth, power, influence, and happiness. To create true wealth, a person must decide to be wealthy, and believe that they can be wealthy.

    “I coach people who know they want more out of life,” Todd explains. “They may not know exactly what they want, but they know that there is more to life and they are driven to reach a higher level.”

    By developing a wealth-creation mindset, anyone can create wealth. To learn more about how to create wealth, happiness, and fulfillment visit NeuroSemanticsUSA.com to request a free strategy session.

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    Money is a part of wealth obviously, but only a part. Wealth is value. Money is a scorecard for the value you bring to the marketplace.
    - Todd Gaster
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