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    Used Spas San Diego Dealer Shares Tips for Aging Healthy Month

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    Dealer Offering Hot Tub Prices in San Diego Publishes 3 Tips for Healthy Aging. Provides Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to All San Diego Residents.

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    Carddine Spas, BBQs and Patio with hot tub and gas grill showrooms in San Diego, San Marcos and Temecula publishes tips for healthy aging month.

    “Most of us feel overwhelmed when thinking about doing many of the things suggested for a healthier way of life. Some of the things we do naturally are very healthy and we don’t even know it,” said Julian Sanchez, president of Carddine.

    “By recognizing the things in our lives that are good for us, and making the most of them, we can improve our lifestyles with little upheaval,” said Sanchez.

    Here are three things people commonly do that are easy to improve on for healthy aging.

    Load up the Funny Kittens and Cute Puppies – Wasting a lot of time online can add to a lot of stress in an already busy day, but some things people do online can actually help out. Watching all of those cute puppy and kitten videos seems like just another way to kill time, but in reality, they have a beneficial effect on mood and can help relieve stress.

    Get Up and Go – Staying indoors all the time can increase tension and have negative consequences on the body. Getting out and taking a walk can help improve health in many ways, but even when there isn’t time or desire to walk around, just getting out in the fresh air and sunshine will lighten the mood and deliver a boost to oxygen levels in the body.

    Simple fresh air and outdoor activities have many proven health benefits including better brain function. When the day gets stressful and people have trouble concentrating, even a few minutes getting away from the desk and outside to soak in a little fresh air can wipe away the cobwebs and help people get back to peak performance.

    The more time people spend getting fresh air and plenty of relaxation time outside, the better their senior years will be as well. The mental benefits of fresh air carry over to aging bodies and combat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Turn Up the Heat – Soaking in a warm bath is an ancient remedy for many ills. The temperature of the water is an important element in the beneficial aspects of water therapy. A hot tub is the perfect tool for creating a soothing place to relax at the end of the day at home. The regulated temperature control makes getting all of the benefits of a hot water bath easier and increases the level of healing powers hot water therapy provides.

    Soaking in a hot tub can slow aging. Not only does the water provide much needed hydration for the skin, it can help certain internal organs perform better and decrease the risks of serious illnesses such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

    Soaking in a hot tub also helps control diabetes. Warm water therapy has been a method of controlling pain and sports injuries for decades, even centuries and a hot tub is a great way to alleviate the aches and pains of arthritis.

    Consumers wanting to get more information about the entire line of used spas San Diego, hot tubs, swim spas, gas grills and patios are encouraged to download a copy of this free Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide – What You Need to Know Before Your Buy – just go to the company website at: http://Carddine.com

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    By people recognizing the things in life that are good for them, and making the most of them, they can improve their lifestyles with little upheaval.
    - Julian Sanchez, president of Carddine
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