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    Winston Brown is the contractor TimberTech Trusts

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    Winston Brown now has a material distributor to lean on. Featured here is a new product from TimberTech that Winston-Brown provides.

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    Summer's sizzling temperatures are finally cooling off which makes getting back outside to enjoy the weather a must. One of the most relaxing places to spend the weekend is on the back deck or patio grilling out with friends and family and watching all the big football games. Many times people don’t utilize their decks and patios because they simply aren’t big enough or in good enough shape to want to host others. This problem could be remedied with a new TimberTech deck offered through Winston Brown. This type of decking is low maintenance and has quickly become one of the industry’s leading products. Many people have expressed interest in this new type of decking because of the little to no maintenance and the quality of the overall product. It’s time to get back outside with the family and friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. Winston Brown is proud to offer this exclusive product. To learn more about this amazing product visit TimberTech.com.

    A new custom designed TimberTech deck takes a detailed plan to ensure that everything is the way it needs to be. The TimberTech team has a number of different decking designs, railings, and lighting fixtures to choose from. The average time that it takes to design, build and complete a deck generally averages 1 to 2 working weeks. Think how much more enjoyable the Saturday and Sunday’s could be with a new TimberTech deck to grill out on with the family and friends while watching football all day.

    Some of the more common reasons why people remodel or add on decks include:

    Functionality The functionality of a TimberTech deck is second to none in its industry.  The color is resistant to weathering and with the boards resists mildew, warping and insects, there’s no need to replace rotting, uneven or termite-damaged boards.

    Entertaining When there are several people in one location, any area can feel cramped.  Sometimes it’s better to keep the foot traffic to a minimum inside. Having an area outdoors greatly reduces the need to be inside and gives people a reason to stay outside.

    Safety Whether it's to improve safety for little ones running around or taking care of a loved one, safety needs to be addressed with any remodel.  Custom Temper Tech deck upgrades are designed to reduce the risks of accidents and make it as safe as possible for guests. TimberTech decks have a number of different railings to choose from to ensure that no children take any unexpected falls.

    Marketability TimberTech not only adds value to quality of life, it helps to add to home value too. Remodeling Magazine's 2009-2010 Cost vs. Value Report estimates a national average of 71% return on investment for composite deck additions*. This is a similar or better return on investment than projects such as bathroom addition, bathroom remodel and major kitchen remodel. To maximize return on investment, Realty Times suggests using a non-rectangle design, and making the deck an extension of the living space.

    Winston Brown is a contractor that TimberTech can trust when it comes to installing their high quality custom decks. For more information regarding this new decking  visit Winston-brown.com

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