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    8 Year Old Discovers Secret to Chore Chart System by alaBoard.com

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    Chloe Howard found the secret on how to help kids to do their chores without being asked with her chore chart system.

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    From the beginning of time parents have struggled with their children to not only pick up after themselves but to help around the house as well.  Chloe Howard a 2nd grader was thinking of an idea for her science fair project.   It seemed like every time she sat down to try to think of an idea her mom or dad would tell her that she needed to clean her room or do the dishes.

    “I was so tired of them having to tell me to do my chores.  I want to do it on my own time, not when they wanted me to.”  Said Chloe “That it is when I realized that I should do a chore chart system for my science fair project.   Mom and dad are probably just as tired of asking me as I am.”

    Chloe started to think about how to create a chore chart system that would put her in control.  First she thought about what would motivate her to want to do her chores.  The answer was simple, a reward.   If she could finish all her chores without being asked she wanted to be compensated somehow.

    As Chloe thought through each aspect of the chore chart system she came up with a solution that would help not only the kids get their chores done but help the parents so they didn’t have to ask.  If the child didn’t get their chore done by the specific time of day not only did they not get the reward for the day but they also lost other privileges.   This way it was completely up to the child whether or not they wanted to play on the computer or play with friends.

    For the past six months, Chloe and her sisters have been successfully completing their chores without being asked.   Chloe says it is difficult sometimes to want to do them, but she knows she won’t get the reward if she doesn’t.

    Chloe’s mother is the founder of alaboard.com which developed the chore charts that Chloe uses.   They have both weekly and daily chores that can be assigned to the kids.  This allows Chloe to do her chores when she wants to and it makes it easy on her parents.

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