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    A new line of travel accessories for savvy travelers is launching September 2014

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    Claiming to provide reliable gear for the savvy traveler, Travis Travel launches convenient carry-on approved travel bottles.

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    Travis Travel Gear (TTG) is set to launch early September this year with a new product line of high quality accessories aimed for savvy air travelers around the USA. From TSA compliant Travel bottles and containers to travel organizers and luggage scales, with no hassle from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), which is stricter every day.

    Regarding the first product Travis Travel Gear will launch; Matthew Bloom, spokesperson of the company mentioned: "Travelers using our gear have the peace of mind that their shampoos, conditioners and other liquids will smoothly pass through the airport security checkpoint without any embarrassing setbacks".

    While he was reluctant to talk much about the rest of their product line, he assured "Our accessories will go with the traveler for years to come." unlike many garbage products out there, that don't even make it back from one trip, we are making sure all our product will last for life".

    Set at a competitive price in the higher end travel bottles. TTG bottles will begin selling on amazon.com in September 2014.

    While every business make an effort to complete some particular demand for a specific target audience or market place, one company has boldly managed to make it their pursuit to typically "make every travel accessories your companion in life" for their consumers. When Matthew Bloom, the spokesperson of this new company, Travis Travel Gear, was asked exclusively what he meant by making every travel accessories your companion in life, he explained that the products the company brings will help provide individuals with much more ease, convenience or comfort. He continued more to express that the products could help people save money or time but tend to also allow them to go on travel and adventures or other exciting activities.

    By paying attention to consumers and focus on market developments, Travis Travel Gear fully recognizes the challenging prospect of commencing a new company that has laser sharp focus on customer service.

    Bloom was asked if he could give an example of the kinds of products the company would make available. He smiled and mentioned that a whole new line of traveling accessories would be introduced very soon. Once again, he stressed, "Soon."

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