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    Attend Training Lab For Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery with Dr. Richard Francis

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    Renowned spine surgeon Dr. Richard Francis, director of robotic surgery and training at Westside Surgical Hospital is training physicians for Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery using the Mazor Robotics Renaissance® Guidance System, the only FDA-cleared robotic device for spine and brain surgeries.

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    Renowned spine surgeon Dr. Richard Francis of Spine Associates in Houston Texas is training other physicians in Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery. The training lab is facilitated by a highly skilled representative from Mazor Robotics in collaboration with Dr. Francis, director of robotic surgery and training at Westside Surgical Hospital. For patients who require back or spine surgery, robotic assisted guidance systems are one of the latest advances in technology that have transformed spine surgery from a freehand operation to a state-of-the-art procedure with highly accurate precision.

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    During the first part of the training, physicians will review and participate in pre-operative planning with the Renaissance system’s 3D software. Participants will then have the opportunity to test their skills and execute the surgical technique as they practice in a cadaveric lab. Participating surgeons will also have the opportunity to observe a Renaissance procedure with Dr. Francis. Dr. Francis is one of few spine surgeons capable of performing surgeries on children as well as adults and prides himself as one of the first surgeons in the nation asked to perform the artificial disc replacement and to use robotic assistance in spine surgery.

    Using the Renaissance Guidance System’s intuitive interface, physicians plan a spine procedure in a virtual 3D environment creating a surgical blueprint for the surgery. The system easily integrates into operating room workflows, and surgeons report that the system assisted them in surgeries that would have been much more challenging without the mechanical guidance provided. Additionally, the robotic system may lower the amount of fluoroscopy used for minimally invasive, deformity and revision cases. Patients also experience greater benefit from consistently accurate spine surgery – with less pain and fewer scars, and a faster recovery and return to daily activities.

    Since 2003, Dr. Francis has dedicated his practice to treating patients with spine disorders. Recognizing that spine issues often lead to debilitating pain, he has expanded his practice to offer more comprehensive service to his patients and now offers spine and pain care all in one convenient location.

    Testimonials from some of Dr. Richard Francis’ patients….

    • Yvonne Wright “I had been referred to 4-6 doctors/specialists regarding the problems I was having with tingling and numbness in two fingers on my left hand. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Francis who diagnosed nerve damage due to discs in my spine pressing against nerves leading to those fingers. He is efficient, considerate, and caring. He explained everything he thought about my situation, and everything he planned to do to resolve it. He took the time to show me all of the results of every test and explained them to me. I would/will recommend him every chance I get. I already thank him for operating on my mom and I have given his name and phone number to three other people at my job.”

    • Gene A. Moore “I was having severe problems with my neck and shoulder areas until I came to see Dr. Francis. Dr. Francis sent me to have a MRI done and later my condition was diagnosed. Surgery was done and I am a healthy and wealthy man. I feel great! No more pain and suffering. Dr. Francis is dedicated to what he does and has a passion to see all patients healthy and well. You can trust him with your issue. I recommend him highly. Thank God for such a gift to the medical field.”

    Dr. Richard Francis of Spine Associates has dedicated his practice to treating children and adult patients with spine disorders and specializes in the treatment of spine deformities such as scoliosis, degenerative conditions, tumors, infections, sciatica treatments, and metabolic diseases. He cares for both local and international patients, even with the most challenging conditions and excels in treating patients who have had unsuccessful spine surgery.

    Dr. Francis has office locations in Houston and Beaumont, Texas and is affiliated with the following hospitals:

    Houston Orthopedic & Spine Hospital Westside Surgical Hospital Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital University General Hospital

    For more information please visit the Website at: http://www.myspineassociates.com/ Or contact Spine Associates at one of the following locations:

    Houston 5420 West Loop South, Suite 2500 Bellaire, Texas 77401 Phone: 713-383-7100 Fax: 713-383-7500

    Beaumont One Folsom Building 3820 Pointe Parkway Beaumont, Texas 77706 Phone: 409-767-8221 Fax: 409-785-4200

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    “I knew what I wanted to do from my first exposure to spine surgery in medical school. What grabbed me was that you could take a child with a severe deformity and—within just a few hours—correct it to the point where it was almost normal.”
    - Dr. Richard Francis
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