The PR Panic Attack: Why Your Brand Needs A Video Press Release

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So there you were, pulling your hair out. Your business was just profiled at a major industry convention, or you launched a new product you spent years of your life perfecting, or maybe you just recently hired a marketing genius

The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of the Press Release

In 1906, tragedy struck a small, mid­western town when a passing train leapt the tracks, killing several local residents and injuring quite a few of the train’s passengers. It’s a sad tale, but one that could have all too easily been forgotten, faded into the mists of history, if not for a man by the name of Ivy Lee. Mr. Lee was moved by the story of this train and its unwitting victims, and shared his concerns with others by writing the world’s very first press release, thereby introducing a tool that would drastically effect how information is shared across every known industry. Today, most press releases aren’t quite so tragic or impactful. However, thanks to the incredible technological leaps since Mr. Lee’s time, the modern press release can target influencers, analysts, financial professionals, the general population or the media itself, in a myriad of exciting and powerful forms.

Effective PR is all about relationships, and a well ­written, targeted press release is just one of the ways you can share information with your core audience. So how to best utilize this classic tool in today’s marketplace? An effective press release exudes purpose. Sure, your press release informs the media of crucial, breaking news, upcoming events, and your latest successes, but it should always carry an additional motive: broadening your audience. A strong press release will certainly inform, but thanks to the internet and our 24­hour news cycle, merely informing is not enough.