How To Use Press Releases in Facebook Advertisements

How To Use Press Releases in Facebook Advertisements from prREACH on Vimeo.


{Transcript} Hi welcome another quick tip in our continuing prREACH training series. Here is a short  incredibly powerful tip that virtually no one is using. Facebook advertising is all the rage right now. Businesses and individuals are getting amazing results posting sponsored articles and videos on Facebook. Here is one way to take sponsored post to the next level! Imagine, if instead of posting a sponsored article that essentially says “hey buy my stuff” or “watch my video”. You added a prREACH press release as a sponsored post that says “hey read about what this person in the video press release is saying about us”? Now you have an authoritative third party vetting you or your business! By having someone else talk about you or your business you will greatly increase your conversions help build authority , build your brand and make more money!

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