The PR Panic Attack: Why Your Brand Needs A Video Press Release

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So there you were, pulling your hair out. Your business was just profiled at a major industry convention, or you launched a new product you spent years of your life perfecting, or maybe you just recently hired a marketing genius

Confusion at the Keyboard: Are Blog Posts and Press Releases Interchangeable?

    Every second of every day, more and more people connect to the internet. In 2015, the net is fully living up to its billing as ‘the worldwide web’. The numbers across the board are staggering, with literally billions

How Press Releases Can Help With Reputation Management

How Press Releases Can Help With Reputation Management from prREACH on Vimeo.


{Transcript} Hi welcome another quick tip in our continuing prREACH training series. Are you using the power of prREACH’s viral social VIDEO news release for your reputation management campaigns?  With prREACH’e “be everywhere”  philosophy, we make sure that your message is not only going to all the major new wires but also to every social , video , web 2.0 property imaginable! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to control how people view you or your client’s reputation on the web. The more internet real estate you occupy means more control over you or your client’s reputation and with prREACH we give you more than any other pr company out there!