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    Consumers get a bigger bang for the buck with a modular home in MA .

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    Sandcastle Homes helps people increase the size of their homes in a down economy with a modular homes MA.

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    Sandcastle Homes is a company specializing in providing the public with factory built modular homes MA at affordable prices. The company has recognized the demand for affordable housing in areas where the prices of properties have gone sky high.

    The main advantage of the housing that Sandcastle Homes provides over houses which are constructed traditionally is the price. What makes these modular homes so affordable to the average person is the fact that they are built in factories on a mass production level.

    The houses provided by Sandcastle Homes are appealing to customers because they are protected against the various weather conditions especially in areas such as Boston where winters can be very severe. The fact that the different modules are built in factories and then shipped on flatbed trucks to be put together, means less construction time and practically no weather dependency. This also means no machines left out to be damaged by the varying weather conditions and less risk of mildew and mold issues.

    Sandcastle Homes is currently the biggest provider of modular homes in Massachusettes. Some of the most popular modular additions bought by customers include a second story, master bedroom, office and more. The installation of such additions can be usually be completed in a single day.

    Sandcastle Homes is proud to be able to provide high quality services at a very quick pace. In most cases when building a new house, the whole process from the beginning of construction to the time when the customer can start living in the house takes 1 to 2 months. This is significantly less than the time for construction of conventional homes.

    The company offers a 10 year warranty for all their modular homes MA unlike most traditional houses where the warranty is only 1 year. Due to the way modular homes are built and constructed, there is also a minimal chance for cost overruns. This gives the clients a peace of mind and assurance that their construction project will not be left unfinished. It is estimated that traditional built homes are 20% to 30% more expensive than the Sandcastle Homes’ modular housing solutions.

    The wide variety of designs and styles offered by Sandcastle Homes includes contemporaries, multi-families, ranches and more. When the customers select the base style of their desired home, the experts at Sandcastle Homes will customize it further in order to best meet the client’s requirements and needs.

    The modular homes MA and additions are gaining popularity among people who wish to upgrade or expand their homes quickly and affordably. Sandcastle Homes offers people the chance to do so without having to relocate. One of the most popular additions offered by the company is a sunroom. These modules are well designed vinyl and wood rooms which are conditioned like all the other rooms due to the special ConservaGlass Select glass. This special technology helps keep the heat out of the room during the summer and in during the winter.

    CONTACT INFORMATION: Website: http://sandcastlegroup.net/ Mail: 600 Plain Street, Marshfield, MA 02050 Phone: (800) 696-1234 Toll Free

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