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    CFI Delivery on Communicating Efficiently in the Courier Industry

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    Rick Shelton and Gary Daily return from a trip to AIRCARGO 2014 with very important information in regards to serving San Antonio and other metropolitan areas.

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    Rick Shelton and Gary Daily’s recent trip to Orlando, Florida to the AIRCARGO 2014 was a success and very informative on industry content.  Leaders in this industry were there with a wealth of information and knowledge on cargo by land, air or sea. CFI Delivery is a member of the AFA and the membership provides the business with access to top-quality training programs, up to date information about new regulations affecting the industry and news one can use to stay ahead of competitors.

    In July 2014 CFI Delivery’s management will be traveling to Colorado for the “Medical Transportation Summit” sponsored by Integrity Medical Courier Training. The purpose of this event is to keep informed and to provide the company with "Best-Practice" OSHA-based Exposure Control Plan, policies and procedures. Their drivers train annually to keep up with the changing regulations and demands of the medical community. What better way to service customers then to their limit liability by using best practices and stay ahead of the regulations.

    San Antonio and the Great Texas Area present unique challenges.  Texas is the largest state in the continental United States; one which could fit several other states into which makes it a daunting area to cover when it comes to logistics. Communicating efficiently with CFI's clientele and their drivers is paramount.

    Their business is not rocket science. They are expected to provide the required transportation effectively, communicate efficiently, invoice accurately and promptly, generate work, send clear alerts & pay promptly.

    These things can and do happen regularly at CFI Delivery because they have quality customer/partners. Their special geographic situation, combined with their dense population (leading to massive traffic congestion) only lend to the extra special conditions that make San Antonio their home. They choose to be here, it is a very special place.

    Freight & deliveries come in all sizes and conditions. Inspection of deliveries upon its arrival or pick up in this city is paramount. Differing delivery requirements may require special licensing and require TSA trained courier drivers or Notary Certification and/or Process Service Certification. This is why it is the key to communicating efficiently with their customer’s needs.  An important goal here and they believe one essential ingredient to their success.

    Their driving crew as well as the balance of their staff is all in it to win it for the customer. They carry the prescribed insurances and bonding required to keep their customers covered. Striving to keep the best people working for them, they offer a sensible work environment & a team approach that makes work a place to be proud of spending the day.

    Three decades of experience, well trained legal and insured drivers, very low claims ratio, solid communication, fair pricing, TSA Compliant, and a DOT Safety record that is the envy of the industry all help to make CFI Delivery Service the best choice in Texas.

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