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    Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs – Seven Years and Counting

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    Dry Ice Packs opened in 2007 in Fort Worth, Texas and has been supplying innovative alternatives to Dry Ice ever since.

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    Fort Worth, TX, Oct. 2014 – Techni-ICE™ Dry Ice Packs™ is in its seventh year in supplying polymer-based alternatives to using dry ice.

    Techni-ICE™ Dry Ice Packs™ began subtly in Fort Worth. Lee and Sue Harper started using these temperature-control products to ship their tamale recipes across the United States in 2004. Techni-ICE™ performed so well that Lee and Sue decided to start a company that sells these polymer-based, non-toxic, non-hazardous, food-grade refrigerant sheets in 2007, only a year after starting the Texas Tamale Warehouse.

    Ever since, the business has been providing two types of Dry Ice Packs™ - Standard and Heavy-Duty Reusable. Standard packs are disposable and mainly for the one-way transport of perishable items – meat, milk, seafood, vegetables, etc. It can also be used for heat-sensitive products, such as cosmetics, medicine, flowers, and more. Heavy-Duty Reusable, on the other hand, speaks for itself: it’s meant to be used over and over again, perhaps hundreds of times; it can be used for transport, recreation, or any other important continuous activity. Heavy-Duty Reusable also has a stronger plastic layer to retain a cooling power up to six times that of regular dry ice. The company also has been selling Styrofoam coolers as accessories with which to use these packs.

    “Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs last longer than any other ice packs we've tried,” says Lee Harper. “Techni-ICE ™ does not leak water, so there's no mess, and no melting ice. Techni-ICE ™ is flexible, even when fully hydrated and frozen. You can cut it, fold it, or bend it along the seams between the cells. We cut the sheets in half for ease of use.” (1)

    Now after seven years, Techni-ICE™ Dry Ice Packs™ expects to advance their product line so that it has the most advanced refrigerating technology available.

    Dry Ice Packs 3000 Galvez Ave. Fort Worth, TX  76111 (888) 825-4121 Email:  [email protected] Website:  http://www.DryIcePacks.com

    Citations: (1) http://www.dryicepacks.com/scripts/openExtra.asp?extra=7

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