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    Exerscribe Announces New App For Custom Workouts

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    Biohacking and fitness technology expert Exerscribe announces a new app that works like an online personal trainer and offers custom workout plans. This app provides users with the ability to reset and reprogram their bodies for a completely revolutionized approach to fitness.

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    Exerscribe, a leader in fitness and the latest form of biohacking, has announced their latest app for customizable workouts. This product is equipped to allow users to insert individual data and streamline an advanced exercise program to suit their particular goals and needs. The app works right from the beginning with each user, allowing for a reset and reprogramming of their bodies for a brand new approach for fitness training. Kusha Karvandi, founder of the Exerscribe brand, has said the following regarding this new application:

    "To reduce the barriers for people to have a personal coach, I've embodied my 15 certifications and 10,000 hours of experience into this app."

    Many other products of this type seem to have a random element to their design, allowing for workouts to be scattered and unfocused. Exerscribe has said that this latest application will take out the guess work from the user's fitness routines, allowing for custom workout plans that include Conscious Variation, a feature that monitors progress and evolves each month's workout to suit the level of fitness that the user has reached.

    The latest product released by Exerscribe can be viewed as an online personal trainer, using NanoProgression to adapt the workout program to the user's fitness level, goals, and future fitness aspirations. It monitors past problems and future results to give app users what they want in terms of fitness and healthy living.

    One of the features that seems to set this particular application apart from others of its kind is the unique support opportunities made available to all users. Master coaches are made available to all users in times of confusion. Exerscribe offers a live chat option where customer support representatives can speak directly to users and answer questions regarding the application or machine use and other exercise queries.

    The Exerscribe customizable workout application is said to be like having a personal trainer in the pocket, and while this might not be completely accurate, it looks as though it might make a big splash in the health and fitness industry based on technique and unique functionality alone.

    Customers can find the application through the Exerscribe website download links or through itunes.com where the app is currently being offered at $4.99 per download. Progress can also be tracked through history and sent to various social networking platforms so that friends and family members can also see how each individual is doing. This allows for a sense of accomplishment and also provides others with the capability to join in and share their progress as they go along. This makes the product ideal for group activity as well as an individualized workout plan.

    For questions or concerns regarding the latest Exerscribe application, or for more information on this press release, please use the following contact information to get in touch:

    Contact Name: Kusha Karvandi Phone Number: 1 (858) 603-5278 E-mail Address: [email protected] Website: http://www.exerscribe.com/app

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    "To reduce the barriers for people to have a personal coach, I've embodied my 15 certifications and 10,000 hours of experience into this app."
    - Kusha Karvandi
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