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    Full Kennett Square PA Hearing Test Offered As National Hearing Test Follow-Up

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    The website nationalhearingtest.org is now available for phone-based preliminary hearing tests. Participants who score outside of the normal range are encouraged to seek out a comprehensive hearing test with a local hearing specialist.

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    The National Hearing Test, a phone-based functional Hearing Test  created with funding from the National Institute of Health, is an excellent first step in detecting hearing loss unilaterally or bilaterally. Even so, it is important for all test takers to be aware of the limits of phone-based screenings and the benefits of a Comprehensive In-Office Hearing Test  completed by a hearing specialist. The hearing specialists at Hearing Aid Associates - Kennett Square PA Hearing Test Experts are helping to spread the word about the telephone-based screening option while making themselves available for follow-up questions and hearing test appointments in the Kennett Square PA area.

    The National Hearing Test can be found at nationalhearingtest.org and costs $8. During Better Speech and Hearing Month, the test is free during May 2014. Because it is phone-based, the test is designed as a speech in noise test. It is best regarded as a screening for functional hearing - the ability to hear in daily situations. Participants receive an assessment of “Normal”, “Slightly Below Normal” or “Poor” for each ear. Participants are steered toward local hearing specialists for follow-up following the test. The 'After the Test' page on the National Hearing Test website says, "If your results from the National Hearing Test were “marginal or below normal,” you should make an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation by a certified hearing professional. Even if your results are in the “normal” range but you still have concerns about your hearing, we encourage you to seek a complete hearing evaluation as well.”

    Hearing Aid Associates is available for comprehensive hearing testing for residents of Kennett Square and adjacent areas. They are delighted to answer the follow-up questions from anybody who took the National Hearing Test and to arrange for a more in-depth hearing evaluation. The hearing specialists are enthusiastic about the publicity that the National Hearing Test is generating for hearing impairment in America and encourage any person who suspects a hearing problem to take the phone-based test (particularly during the no cost testing period). As awareness increases so will the need for qualified local hearing specialists to evaluate and treat individual cases of hearing loss. The hearing care staff at Hearing Aid Associates is excited about positioning their practice as a core provider of hearing testing and hearing loss treatment in Kennett Square, PA.

    It is important to note that to get reliable results from the National Hearing Test, a wall-mounted (not cellular) telephone is required. Participants will also have to have the manual dexterity and coordination to key in over fifty numbers using the telephone's number pad. Anyone who suspects hearing loss and would have difficulty completing the phone-based screening is urged to schedule an exam directly with a local hearing specialist.

    About Hearing Aid Associates: Hearing Aid Associates is one of the most reputed hearing healthcare service providers in Pennsylvania with nine locations. Hearing Aid Associates has provided hearing aids to the Southeastern Pennsylvania area and its surrounding communities for over 10 years. The company offers a full range of diagnostic and preventative hearing healthcare professional services, including hearing aid screening, evaluations, hearing aids sales and rehabilitative and preventative counseling. The staff is dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest improvements in technological advancements in the hearing industry and is committed to offering the most current options to our patients. There are currently 9 Hearing Aid Associates locations in Boyertown, Cleona, Kennett Square, Lemoyne, Palmyra, Phoenixville, Pottstown, Reading, Lancaster.

    Contact: Ed Grabarek http://hearingaidassociates.net

    Hearing Aid Associates 115 E. Main St Palmyra, PA 17078 (717) 473-4160

    Hearing Aid Associates 6 Hearthstone Ct, Suite 105 Reading, PA 19606 (610) 816-6024

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    Hearing Aid Associates 1220 Valley Forge Rd., Suite 1B Phoenixville, PA 19460 (484) 985-4029

    Hearing Aid Associates 35 North Walnut St Boyertown, PA 19512 (484) 334-2595

    Hearing Aid Associates 1520 Commerce Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601 (717) 207-8706

    Hearing Aid Associates 211 West Penn Avenue Cleona, PA 17042 (717) 685-4115

    Hearing Aid Associates 305 W State St #2 Kennett Square PA 19348 (610)-400-1408

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