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    Hometown Senior Care Is Changing The Senior Care Placement Service Industry

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    Hometown Senior Care has experience in all facets of senior care services, from placement to actual care provider, and with this experience Hometown is changing the way senior care placement service will be doing business in the future.

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    Hometown Senior Care has an original approach to solving long term care problems. “The care placement industry is broken,” says founder and President, Ryan Millspaugh. He then states that “Everyone should have the privilege of receiving quality care, yet for many, the best options or correct options are not being presented therefore not being considered.”

    There are many potential hurdles and things to plan for when trying to choose the right type of care and care provider. Today there are senior care placement companies popping up all around the U.S., in hopes to cash in from the Baby Boomer population as they begin to reach an age where they require assistance. These placement services are commonly offered to the patients and families free of charge. The truth behind this is that nothing related to finding, obtaining or receiving care will be free. Someone has to pay and typically it is the care providers. Millspaugh explained that the majority of these companies collect fees from the care providers that they refer to, seeking what they view as easy money from a quick referral commission.

    Sharing a story of a Lake Orion, Michigan woman he met just prior to this story, Mr. Millspaugh describes her as being tired and overwhelmed. She had taken the entire week off of work attempting to find care for her mother, only to find dead-end results everywhere she went. When Millspaugh asked her where she had been looking, she produced a list of facilities that she had received from a large placement company. Millspaugh asked if he could see the list and after a quick review of the eighteen facilities listed, he realized that she could not afford any of them on her mother’s budget. “This poor woman had wasted an entire week visiting facilities that were out of her price range” Millspaugh said with empathy for her. “Hometown found five facilities that would accommodate her mother’s budget and care needs. I personally took her through them on Saturday and we only made it through three of them before she was pleased and had made her decision.”

    Consumers need to be aware that such free services will most likely be commission based; therefore patients only see the care options that will allow the referral sources to get paid. Those seeking care should be warned that they may be getting pushed towards more expensive care so the agency can collect a larger commission. When asking Millspaugh how Hometown Senior Care gets paid, he responded “We too need to earn money in order to support our operations but we will identify, locate and personally show our clients all of their potential options and consult with them on long term concern solutions.” Handling business in an honest and transparent fashion, Hometown Senior Care does receive commissions from the care providers themselves but only for some of their work. “We do not charge our partners when they accept a referral for patients with low income.” Hometown Senior Care recognizes such care facility owners as humanitarians and states that they are already providing a great service to our lower income elders. “We do not charge these care facilities a referral fee in an effort to encourage more behavior like it.” Hometown Senior Care will simply help anyone to find the best care that they can afford. “We take all cases, whether we can earn a commission or not, and the commissions we earn from the care providers that are not considered low income, are exactly what allows us to help families and good charitable care providers that do not.”

    Hometown Senior Care developed their roots in metro-Detroit and today offers their care placement services throughout all of Michigan. The local markets have welcomed the offerings of this innovative company, whose founder believes that a business that helps solve some industry problems is a business that will be successful.

    Families that have a need for senior care of a loved one are urged to contact:

    Hometown Senior Care HometownSeniorCare.com (248) 702-5082 [email protected]

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    “Everyone should have the privilege of receiving quality care, yet for many, the best options or correct options are not being presented therefore not being considered.”
    - Ryan Millspaugh
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