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    Hot Tub Marketing – Internet Marketing Consultant Offers ‘Done for You’ Services

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    Hot Tub Marketing Consultant, David Carleton Offers More “Done for You” Services to Hot Tub Dealers, Pool Builders and Sauna Retailers.

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    Hot Tub Marketing Consultant David Carleton, an authority in the area of Internet marketing for pool and spa dealers offers additional “done for you” marketing services.

    "These days, just having a website is just not good enough anymore,” said David Carleton, president of Spa Pool Marketing Success.  "The industry is becoming more competitive as dealers seek new ways to entice prospective buyers.  Many dealers have seen their sales and profits increase as a result of implementing Internet marketing strategies and have continued to allocate more resources in this area of their marketing.

    “At Spa Pool Marketing Success, we continue to add new services to accommodate the need of our dealers,” continued Carleton.  “Some of the current strategies we provide include search engine optimization, video marketing, social media, lead generation and conversion, follow-up marketing and website design.  In addition, we also offer pay-per-click advertising for both Google and Facebook.

    “As new technologies emerge, many dealers hear about them and come to us asking if they should utilize them.  Our clients rely on us to sort through it all and just bring them the hot tub marketing strategies that I know will work,” said Carleton.

    Recently the Spa Pool Marketing Success has begun to offer their clients new services such as Retargeting for Facebook and Google and short promotional videos designed to quickly capture viewer attention and engage them when they come to the dealer website.  Examples of these promotional videos can be found on the company website – http://spapoolmarketingsuccess.com/promo-video

    “One of the most exciting things we’ve begun to offer recently is our automated sales funnel (ASF) creation service,” said Carleton.  Many dealers spend a lot of time, money and resources driving traffic to their website, but don’t really have a system of converting that traffic into leads and then nurturing those leads into sales.  We design and implement an entire automated follow up system designed to get the most out of all the online and offline marketing strategies that the dealer is currently using – it is real sophisticated stuff.”

    “To help educate pool, spa and sauna dealers on specific strategies that have been proven successful in generating leads, we created a free guide – 9 Steps to Internet marketing Success for Pool, Spa and Sauna Dealers,” continued Carleton.  Hot tub dealers, sauna retailers and swimming pool builders wanting to learn more are encouraged to visit the company website at: http://spapoolmarketingsuccess.com

    About David Carleton and Spa Pool Marketing Success

    David Carleton is a Hot Tub Marketing Consultant to the Pool and Spa industry.  He specializes in showing spa dealers and pool builders how to spend less and get more from their marketing and advertising using low cost strategies in local business marketing, lead generation and conversion, Internet marketing and social media.

    Dave was Vice President of Dimension One Spas for 6 years where he developed sales; marketing and training programs that helped hundreds of dealers in 30 countries around the world generate leads, increase sales and enhance their overall marketing effectiveness.

    Dave has been a keynote speaker for many industry, Chamber, and trade groups across the United States and has written several books including The Ultimate Lead Generation System and The Essential Referral Marketing System.  Spa dealers, sauna retailers and pool builders wanting to download a copy of our free report – 9 Steps to Pool, Spa and Sauna Dealer Internet Marketing Success” contact the company can call David Carleton at 858-442-3131 or go to http://spapoolmarketingsuccess.com

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    Our clients rely on us to sort through it all and just bring them the strategies that I know will work!
    - David Carleton
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