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    LeParfait Announces Launch of New Organic 100% Pure Argan Oil Product

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    Responding to rising customer demand, leading health and beauty company LeParfait has recently released a Organic 100% Pure Argan oil product. The early response has been encouraging for both consumers and the company.

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    Argan oil, an oil derived from a rare tree native only to a small part of the Moroccan Maghreb, has been steadily drawing more and more interest in the health and beauty world. Credited with carrying a number of benefits by its supporters and the subject of an increasing number of studies, the product finds itself in an increasing state of demand. Stepping up to answer this call by delivering a argan oil held to the strictest manufacturing standars, is the beauty and anti-aging company LeParfait, who recently introduced their 100% Pure Argan Oil product. Early customers of the new oil have been responding with both interest and enthusiasm.

    Some of the benefits of using the oil, according to the company, include:  its potential anti-aging effects as a skin moisturizer; its ability to bring new body, and life to brittle hair; and  its overall antioxidant qualities which can enhance overall health. LeParfait has chosen to use a 100% natural and organic Argan Oil to prevent some of the difficulties with skin sensitivities that have been reported from consumers using brands with chemical ingredients or have been over processed.

    Response has been very positive and early customers of the new product have been quick to give it an endorsement.

    Elaine V., from Miami, recently said, “I use one of LepArfait's other products everyday and the results have been out of this world, so I had to check out their Argan oil. I've only been using it for a few weeks now, but I'm very, very impressed. I can see why there's so much discussion about Argan oil. It has my skin looking and feeling amazing.”

    The company is very happy to report that their 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil is now easily available at Amazon.com.

    For more information on LeParfait visit their website at http://www.lpskin.com or visit the product offering at Amazon.com using the link below.

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    “Due to our customer demand of Argan oil we are pleased to announce that we are now offering the highest quality Argan product available,” Keith Harris, a spokesperson from Leparfait. “ We have already set a high standard with LeParfait's quality of anti-aging products and we're very happy to see that drive continue with the care we have put into sourcing and manufacturing our Argan Oil.”
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