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    Lisa Blue Australian Swimwear Brand Debuts in the US

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    Lisa Blue is an Australian swimwear brand based in Byron Bay that offer unique and striking swimwear and donates a portion of all proceeds to environmental causes that support the whale and dolphin population in our world’s oceans.

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    Lisa Blue has taken Australia by storm with quality swimwear in beautiful and unique designs and a dedication to supporting marine environments.  Twenty-five percent of all net profits from Lisa Blue's sales are donated to organizations that support whale and dolphin conservation.  Now, Lisa Blue is debuting in the American market with a new line of swimsuits destined to capture the attention of women across the country.

    Lisa Blue offers an engaging line of fun and sophisticated bikinis as seen at http://lisablue.com/.  These suits are of the highest-quality construction and feature the latest styles and colors to suit any personality.  One-piece swimsuits as seen at http://lisablue.com/collection/ and other swimwear as seen at https://shop.lisablue.com/us/ as well as accessories are also available.

    Best of all, women who purchase swimwear from Lisa Blue can also enjoy the knowledge that they are helping to support the environment.  A quarter of all profits go to specific conservation efforts for marine mammals including whales, dolphins and porpoises.  Women who wear Lisa Blue not only care about the beauty and style of their swimwear but also about helping preserve the planet and these graceful and beautiful creatures for future generations.

    With the launch of Lisa Blue's new website, American women can now enjoy the quality stylish swimwear that has been available in Australia for some time.  Lisa Blue is predicted to take the nation by storm with great swimwear options and a view to ocean mammal preservation that combines to make this company a smart swimwear choice.

    About Lisa Blue Swimwear:  Lisa Blue is a pioneer enterprise that combines the beauty of quality swimwear fashions with a worthy cause to help preserve marine environments.  Twenty-five percent of all net profit for Lisa Blue is donated to organizations that protect waves and dolphins.

    For More Information:

    Amelia Buffaloe Lisa Blue Swimwear 3620 Briggeman Drive Los Alamitos, CA 90720 (562) 799-7904 [email protected] www.lisablue.com

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