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    Marine Essentials now offering Sleep Aid Mist for a Healthy, Good Night Sleep

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    Few things are as important to an individuals health as a good night’s sleep. The proprietary blend of nutrients in Sleep Aid Mist include, first and foremost, melatonin, a natural substance produced by the pineal gland. Sleep Aid Mist is a natural alternative to prescription sleep aid drugs.

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    Marine Essentials is now Offering Sleep Aid Mist. Marine Essentials, based in Chicago, Illinois now offers an oral spray supplement Sleep Aid Mist. The stated product was created as the best solution for the problems of people who want to enjoy a rejuvenating sleep every night. The product contains all natural ingredients, including Melatonin, which can help consumers improve their sleeping habits at night as one of their basic physiological needs. Sleep Aid Mist is now available in all of the branches of Marine Essentials.

    Marine Essentials is happy to announce that Sleep Aid Mist is now available on its official website. Consumers can find the complete details about its ingredients and the benefits that it can provide to them on their web page: http://shopping.marineessentials.com/sleep-mist/. According to the management of the company, this product will be the best answer for the needs of those individuals who do not want to lose their overall wellness because of lack of sleep or insufficient amount of time sleeping.

    With the use of Sleep Aid Mist by Marine Essentials, individuals can sleep comfortably at night without suffering from any distractions. Sleep Aid contains 5-HTP, the amino acids ornithine and arginine, and a variety of sleep-regulating herbal extracts. It also contains Melatonin, which helps ensure a restful, healthy good night's sleep and a great morning. Sleep Aid Mist can be used as a fast acting natural alternative to prescription sleep aids.

    Marine Essentials recommends this supplement to adult individuals only. Children should not take this supplement since its formula and dosage are only fit for adults. Those individuals who can’t visit the many branches of Marine Essentials online because of hectic schedules but wish to purchase this supplement may wish to visit Amazon.com which  serves as one of the official distributors of the products of Marine Essentials.

    Marine Essentials is a reputable brand of oral mist products and health supplements and many people have seen the benefits of the products that the company makes.

    Those interested in experiencing the benefits of Sleep Aid Mist Spray can get a 10% discount today at the Amazon Webstore by visiting http://www.amazon.com/shops/marineessentials. To receive a 10% discount on any Sleep Aid Mist Spray package, enter coupon code SLEEP014 at checkout.

    For further information about Sleep Aid Mist, please visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GFZRG9C or http://shopping.marineessentials.com/sleep-mist/.

    Contact: Ed O’Keefe Company: Marine Essentials Website: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GFZRG9C Address: 1808 W. 103rd Street, Chicago, Illinois Tel. No.: 877-436-3824 Fax No.: 773-779-3471 Email: [email protected]

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