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    Mighty Sport’s Founder Exposes Banned Ingredients In Sports Drinks Sold In U.S.

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    The founder of Mighty Sport has recently exposed that popular Sports Drinks sold in the United States actually contain ingredients banned in many countries around the World. This comes directly after the company launched their own alternative to the variety of artificial products in the market.

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    The founder of Mighty Sport has recently announced the release of information relating to a market of unhealthy sports drinks that are currently being sold within the United States. They believe this information will shed light on the composition of sports drinks within the health and fitness market. Might Sport intends on providing athletes and sports enthusiasts with information to allow them to consider their choice of supplements carefully in the future.

    Mighty Sport is a natural product, and the company believes this is important because athletes should take care with what they put into their bodies. While it is believed that athletes are fairly selective with regards to their choice of supplements, the company believes that many are unaware of the ingredients contained within the drinks they choose to consume. The company is calling for people to start paying attention to the ingredients so that they can determine whether they are healthy or unhealthy.

    The company has stated that many ingredients contained within the average sports drink are actually banned in various countries. Some of the ingredients that have been banned throughout the world, excluding America, is Blue no 1, Yellow no 5 and 6 and Red no 40. These coloring agents, according to the company, are not only being consumed by adults, but also by children who also tend to enjoy sports drinks.

    The Mighty Sport alternative contains ingredients such as spinach, tart cherry juice, kale, and beetroot juice, among many others.  Mighty Sport also contains ingredients that are able to boost nitric oxide levels within the body. The company has stated that this, in turn, leads to an increase in the blood flow in the body and the delivery of nutrients to the cells more efficiently. The company also states that Mighty Sport contains anti-oxidants, which have a beneficial effect of ridding the body of toxins.

    The company is calling for people to start paying attention to the labels on their sports drinks, as well as to take the time to understand the terms that various ingredients are listed under. They state that if a product sounds like it might not be natural, individuals should turn to search engines for more information, as this allows them to make more informed decisions about the companies they choose to support in the future, as well as what they choose to put into their bodies.

    Mighty Sport is owned by Mighty Formulas, LLC. This company is based in White Plains, New York, and is currently being supported by a wide range of professional athletes, including the former Olympian Ski Jumper, Walter Stein, Elite Runner Lisa Ohberg, among many others.

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    "Unfortunately, in this country, we've become so complacent consuming products with the word 'Artificial' listed on the labels, that even health conscious athletes and people who work out regularly (including their children), are oftentimes blind to the dangers the ingredients in popular Sports Drinks pose to their health."
    - Mark Wilhelmsson, Founding Partner Mighty-SportUSA.com
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