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    Mighty-SportUSA.com Sets Sights On Popular Sports Drinks Sold in the U.S

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    Mighty-SportUSA.com’s Founding Partner Mark Wilhelmsson celebrates the launch of their new plant based natural Sports Drink from Sweden here in the U.S. Mighty Sport offers a healthy alternative to the popular Sports Drinks sold here in the U.S. which are typically filled with artificial colors, artificial flavors, toxic preservatives and excessive amounts of sugar and in some cases, caffeine to top it all off. Some of these even have ingredients banned in many countries around the world, unbeknownst to most consumers, including parents and their kids who can be found drinking them regularly at Gymnastics, Little League Games and Soccer Practice, to name a few.

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    White Plains, New York:  Today, Mighty-SportUSA.com announces the U.S launch of their natural vegan plant based Sports Drink from Sweden, Mighty Sport.

    Mighty Sport offers an eco-friendly and healthy alternative to the popular Sports Drinks sold here in the U.S.  Mighty Sport is a performance and recovery enhancing Sports Drink that boosts the body's internal production of Nitric Oxide (linked to better work-outs, more efficient nutrient delivery to the cells through increased circulation, blood flow, optimal heart health and even better sex), and also contains high value Anti-Oxidants, Tart Cherry Juice, Beetroot Juice, Spinach, Kale and much more.  Mighty Sport's formula also supports increases in energy, mental focus, muscle recovery, a stable blood sugar and improved electrolyte balance...all with only 3 grams of an organic sugar blend with D-Ribose (preferred by your mitochondria) per serving.  Notably absent, however, are the artificial colors, artificial flavors, toxic preservatives, excessive sugar or caffeine found in virtually all other mainstream Sports Drinks.

    To quote Mighty-SportUSA.com's Founding Partner Mark Wilhelmsson, "Mighty Sport is unique because it boosts performance and recovery naturally, without the need to cover up toxic ingredients and artificial stimulants with marketing BS.  Enough is enough!  If you're taking the time to work-out, play a sport, or do anything active for more than 30 minutes, you should reward yourself and your body with a natural Sports Drink formulated for optimal performance through proper hydration, nutrition, and optimal sugar and electrolyte repletion."

    The "sick-Ade's" given and marketed to pro athletes and even our kids have some downright scary ingredients they want kept quiet.  Some are banned in many countries around the world, and many even have links to neurological disorders, fertility problems, birth defects, advanced puberty, memory loss and worse.  Through years of research, testing and formulation, we're finally launching our nature-based performance enhancing Sports Drink here in the U.S.  As word spreads about our launch, we expect explosive sales for 2014.

    Wilhelmsson also launched a video tirade against these popular Sports Drinks companies and the toxic ingredients found in their products.  A link to that video can be found in this Press Release.  The video encourages viewers to help spread awareness about these ingredients, making a special offer to all who like, comment, or share the video on social media.

    About Mighty-SportUSA.com:  Mighty Formulas, LLC's product Mighty Sport is a health science and Sports Drink company based in White Plains, New York.  Mighty Sport has a long list of elite athletes (and non-athlete's alike) using the product throughout Sweden, including former Olympian Ski Jumper Walter Steiner, Elite Runners Patrik Andersson, Fernando Dinis, Martin Kall Ohlsson, Elite World Cup Winning Kayaker Sofia Paldanius, and even Miss Sweden 2012, Hanni Beronius and many more.

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    "Unfortunately, in this country, we've become so complacent consuming products with the word 'artificial' listed on the labels, that even health conscious athletes and people who work out regularly (including their children), are oftentimes blind to the dangers the ingredients in popular Sports Drinks pose to their health."
    - Founding Partner Mark Wilhelmsson
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