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    Money Coach Reveals Strategies To Increase Wealth On Upcoming Live Event

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    ‘The Secret’ star and Millionaire Maker, Loral Langemeier, Reveals Strategies To Increase Money Flow in Upcoming Google Hangout Event – ‘Money Coach’ with Natalie Ledwell

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    Personal development company Mind Movies announced today that Co-Founder Natalie Ledwell will host a live ‘Google Hangout’ event featuring Money Coach and Millionaire Maker, Loral Langemeier – in ‘Money Coach’. The event will take place on Monday, Nov. 4th, 6pm PST. ‘Money Coach,’ featuring Langemeier is one of four Google Hangouts to be hosted by Ledwell and will also showcase three other personal development experts.

    During the live event, Langemeier will reveal expert insights and insider techniques to help the audience increase their wealth immediately.

    Langemeier is a money coach, best selling author and president and CEO of Live Out Loud, Inc. During the live event, Langemeier shares her extremely powerful and inspiring story of setting out to become an entrepreneur with no money or connections, to building a multi-national organization in a short period of time. By age 34, she established a multi-million dollar portfolio.

    Langemeier has touched thousands of lives around the world by giving individuals the tools to capitalize on their unique skills to generate cash and build successful businesses.

    During the ‘Money Coach’ event, Langemeier will provide the audience with simple but extremely powerful strategies to increase their money flow, which can easily be implemented right away. The audience will have the rare opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from Langemeier and Ledwell during the free, live event.

    ‘Money Coach,’ featuring Langemeier, is part of a four part event series on Google Hangouts, hosted by Mind Movie’s Co-Founder Natalie Ledwell, and the other guests include ‘The Secret’ stars Bob Doyle and John Assaraf, plus Jennifer McLean. For more information or to register for the free Google Hangout event visit: http://www.mindmovies.com/hangouts.

    About Natalie Ledwell: Natalie Ledwell is a Law of Attraction evangelist, who is fulfilling her mission to positively impact the lives of people every day. Ledwell and her partners co-founded Mind Movies, first launching the digital vision board creation tool Mind Movies and later, Mind Movies Matrix and other online courses and coaching programs. She is the author of the book ‘Never in Your Wildest Dreams’, which utilizes cutting edge multi-media functions to help readers bring the full power of the Law of Attraction into their lives.

    About Mind Movies: Founded in 2008, Mind Movie’s mission is to help empower people from all over the world to visualize their goals and manifest their greatest dreams and desires. Mind Movies has touched the lives of over 1.3 million people around the world and is headquartered in downtown San Diego, California.

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