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    New Exerscribe Technology Is Like A Personal Trainer Inside A Smart Phone

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    Exerscribe has announced the release of their newest iOS app. The application is designed to work as a personal fitness management tool for those consumers who don’t have the time or money to hire a professional trainer or nutritionist while trying to stay healthy.

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    Exerscribe has announced the launch of a new iOS workout app, currently for sale through itunes.apple.com, designed specifically to function as a personal trainer in the pocket of its user. By incorporating custom workout plans with additional fitness features, Exerscribe has designed an app that can benefit gym goers and external exercisers alike. Kusha Karvandi, company leader has expressed the following regarding this product:

    "Unlock your super human potential. Become the best version of you. Start here, join thousands who are getting exclusive workouts, recipes, training and nutrition wisdom you won't find anywhere else."

    Kusha Karvandi, first realized his passion for fitness in 2006 after moving from Beaverton, Oregon to San Diego, California. After starting work as a personal trainer, and getting promoted to personal training manager, he began running clubs in various markets, and travelling across country to gain better insight into what the human body needed to succeed physically. The idea for the application, and the Exerscribe brand came to him during this time; he explains:

    "After traveling across the country to run clubs in various markets, I finally had an epiphany - why weren't gym members provided with a roadmap to success?"

    The Exerscribe brand and new workout application were created with this message in mind, and to encompass the mentality that having a well-organized route to fitness through custom workout plans will greatly improve the success of those who strive to be healthy. The program includes warm up, workout, cool down and flexibility protocol activities that allow the user to follow an activity guide that should provide the desired results. It also allows consumers to set timers on each workout, and use alternate, progressive, corrective, and regression methods during their exercise routine.

    From building muscle to burning calories, the program gives users the ability to follow their progress through their exercise states screen, including an image of what the changes in weight and structure should look like, and how much weight as been lifted or workouts completed. Other features include a live chat options for assistance with utilizing the many features of the tool, this lets users interact with somebody who knows about the inner workings of the app and how it can better assist them.

    Currently, this custom workout plans app can be purchased through iTunes for $1.99, a very reasonable price for new customers wishing to try a different workout plan without a big monetary commitment. In relation to the price of joining the gym or hiring a personal trainer, this tool is well priced and has a variety of support features for every stage of athlete.

    For questions regarding Exerscribe, or this press release, please use the following contact information:

    Contact Name: Kusha Karvandi Phone Number: 858-603-5278 E-mail Address: [email protected] Location: San Diego, CA

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    "After traveling across the country to run clubs in various markets, I finally had an epiphany - why weren't gym members provided with a roadmap to success?"
    - Kusha Karvandi, founder
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