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    Optimum HR Introduces Turnkey HR Solutions

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    Optimum Employer Solutions helps smaller businesses manage employer obligations. It consults one-on-one to evaluate business needs and customize an HR program to meet those needs. The company now offers a turnkey HR solution to clients.

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    Small and medium sized companies have benefited from outsourcing their human resources and personnel projects for years. Outsourcing projects that are not the specialty of an entrepreneur or his or her small staff, saves that company large amounts of money while allowing it to focus on its area of expertise. Newport Beach based Optimum Employer Solutions has been assisting the small business market since 2007 and now offers a new turnkey human resources related solution.

    Optimum offers its clients customized HR services as seen at http://www.optimumhr.net. The firm assigns a single contact person to a client. The HR consultant then provides assistance with daily issues and challenges. Areas of assistance include routine matters such as leave administration and more sensitive issues such as employee grievances and disciplinary action. By acting as a turnkey human resources solutions provider, optimum manages the responsibilities, while sharing information with its clients managers.

    Optimum aides its clients by acting as a HR consulting firm as seen at http://www.optimumhr.net/human-resources. The firm shares tips such as outlining a project's timeline, making suggestions regarding performance benchmarks, and advising on ongoing staff training. By acting within a turnkey capacity, Optimum’s consultants provide client management with information useful for ongoing objectives.

    Optimum manages a number of human resource services as seen at http://www.optimumhr.net/employee-benefits. When managers consider the increase in complexity and costs, many view outsourcing HR functions to be the best option for maintaining efficiency. When companies work with Professional Employer Organizations or PEOs such as Optimum, they often notice a growth rate exceeding five percent, a 20 percent reduction in annual turnover, and less money spent on human resources responsibilities than when there is an internal HR department. Turnkey management and training also enables a General Manager to better oversee minor HR responsibilities.

    About Optimum Employer Solutions: Optimum Employer Solutions is a PEO that offers help with managing health care insurance and other employee benefits for small employers.

    For More Information:

    Michelle Bianci Optimum Employer Solutions LLC 1300 Quail St #202 Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 208-9204 [email protected] http://www.optimumhr.net

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